ST. IVES Radiant Skin Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub

4.3 5 0 75 75 给予您的肌肤适当的保养。这款产品内含100%天然萃取精华,它能够平衡肌肤肤色,令您的肌肤更光滑有光泽。
ST. IVES Radiant Skin Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub


St Ives Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarine Or
Scrub st ives antara scrub kegemaran saya. Bau scrub mandarin orange ini wangi dan fresh. Cuma butiran scrub itu sahaja sedikit kasar. Boleh dapatkan di pasaraya terdekat anda. Harga berpatutan.
Smell so good
St ives has the best face scrub, loving it and made my face looking more glowy , smells very good too, recommended to others and those who has sensitive skin is also recommended to use this
Not suitable for my skin
Texture was nice but i think it not suitable for my skin. Been try it for few weeks and my skin become harsh and have tiny bump.
Scrub might too strong
it may not suitable to sensitive skin due to the texture. you may have to use and message it gentle , but the texture are a bit rough
i love this one becs the ingredient did not contain coconut shell which i read it will damage ur skin texture. the beads also not that harsh on skin. the only cons abt this product is the beads will melt bila dah lama tak pakai.
Minimal exfoliation
I've tried this scrub and it did not work well with me. The granules are smooth so it does not hurt your skin but it did not exactly produce the expected result. Plus the packaging was quite bad because the product gets stuck in the nozzle all the time and it's difficult to squeeze the product.
Bereh , tp scrub tk elok pakai selalu...
Nothing happen
I have an oily, acne prone & sensitive skin. It does not broke me out but it does not do anything either. It smell really nice but I didnt feel clean after using it. I didnt see anything change after using it for months
Just ok
I've tried this but doesn't see the "radiant skin" on me. However, if you are looking for a mild scrub, can try this instead.
Great on my skin
I use this twice a week on my body and it makes my skin baby smooth. I recommend this for people who don't want to use loofahs.
it is just nice but to be honest i cant see any change for my skin when i use this product 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲
Blackheads Reduced!
Great in reducing black or whiteheads, as well as tiny bumps on nose, however, it is to be reminded that we must scrub our faces gently, to avoid damaging our skin barriers. Would recommend, but not for our faces entirely!
St ives scrub
I love the scrub as i dont feel it is too harsh on my skin but just nice ans comfortable with the scrub beads. It doesnt make my skin feels very tight at all but just nice for me !
Salah satu skrub muka terbaik
skrub yang halus sesuai untuk pembersihan yg berkesan terutamanya bagi bintik hitam atau putih bagi mengelakkan rengsa kulit.wangian yang lembut sitrus menenangkan. boleh improve dr segi packaging kerana cpat keras kalau tidak ditutup kemas.
Scrub paling ohse..
Harga yang berbaloi.. scrub yang sangat sesuai untuk menangggalkan whitehead & blackhead.. kulit rasa lembut bila lps scrub. I love it 💓💓


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