Lucky Me! La Paz Batchoy Instant Noodle Soup

4.9 5 0 277 277 Supreme La Paz Batchoy Instant Noodle Soup. Delicious noodle soup made with pork innards and beef loin that is stewed in a shrimp or chicken broth.
Lucky Me! La Paz Batchoy Instant Noodle Soup


Too Salty
Idk if it is just me but there is a 'paper-ish' taste to this noodle soup. And it's too salty.
Noodles of lucky me supreme
Di ko po alam kung saan pwedeng mag review about this product kasi nung nag search ako dito ako pinunta. I tried this and yung bulalo flavor, di ko alam kung bakit pero parang nagbago yung noodles niya simula nung nagbago yung packaging. Ang sticky na niya and para kang kumakain ng rubber (something ganon). Sana makarating tong review sa lucky me supreme page talaga and sana bumalik na sa dati yung noodles.
Instant init partner
Ito yung isa sa cup noodles na madalas binibili namin sa bahay man or mapa byahe. Masarap siya. Tapos nakakagutom ang amoy nito.
la paz
easy to prepare. affordable. swak sa budget na masarap
eat it while it's hot
Para samadaliang pang-tanggal ng gutom, mainit na tubig lang ang kailangan. Kainin ang noodles at inumin ang sabaw habang mainit-init pa. Malasa, masarap kainin.
Best lampalipas gutom
One of the best pampalipas ng gutom when im not at home. Usually i buy this when im on the road and if maulan or malamig.
La paz batchoy
this is very convenient breakfast or merienda and it really tastes good! i also like that they have little bits for you to munch on that makes you think of an actual batchoy soup. you can add crackers and your meal is complete.
So fantastic and ready to go!
I love the taste of La Paz Batchoy and it is so fantastic that it comes on a cup noodles flavored. When rushing going to work I can easily prepare it as my breakfast. Even I'm at work during night shift, it awakens me and be on the go!
Comfort food
I love this noodles as this serves as my comfort food especially at night since I work from home. The taste is not too salty and oily. It's like you're eating the real la paz batchoy
lapaz noodles
Sobrang favorite namen tong product na ito, napakasarap at malinamnam, hinding hindi kame magsasawa na kumain ng lapaz product 😊
Pwedeng pwede lalo na kung babyahe, masarap lalo na with egg.
Highly recommend this!
Taste perfect with boiled egg on top and evaporated milk.
All new packaging
Love the all new packaging for lucky me la paz batchoy. new look, same taste.
Worth it to Buy
Go-to instant noodles to sa mga bumabiyahe ng malayo lalo na papunta sa mga probinsiya hehehe Masarap siya kainin especially sa taglamig talagang mapupunan nitong La Paz Batchoy ang cravings natin hahaha Super Love this!!🥰🥰
sinubukan ko ito last month (march) at nagustuhan ko ito

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