4.5 5 0 66 66 Nakd Salted Caramel is a tongue-tantalising taste sensation with a delicate balance of smooth caramel and Cornish sea salt. Made with 100% natural ingredients 'smooshed' together, creating a wonderfully soft, chewy texture with the salty sweet taste you'll enjoy anytime of the day!
Nakd Salted Caramel Multipack 4 x 35g
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Love these bars so tasty nice soft texture and the salted caramel flavour is delicious not overly sweet I could eat a whole box in one sitting!
Love it 😊
I bought them in Tesco for my food intolerant son. Unfortunately I tried one and.... They all gone. Super delicious.
Really great flavour my favourite I think!!! Great for snack in between meals
I bought it recently and I fell in love straight away. Their are really tasty and nutritious fills you up
l0ve it l0ve it and l0ve it
amazing great taste and just perfect all r0und, fills y0u up.
Healthy bars of yummy ness
This flavour is amazing and honestly keeps me feeling full. These bars are fab but this addition of flavour makes it feel homemade - Great for eating at work / out and about - I would buy again and again. Only shame is that children aren’t allowed them at school due to the nut content. Maybe you could expand the range to but free bars?
So good
I love Nak’d bars & this is one of my favourites. Really tastes of caramel and quite indulgent. Vegan, only natural ingredients and no processed sugars or sweetners. Total winner in our house.
Best Nakd bar yet
I'm a big nakd bar fan, and this is the best flavour yet! These taste so good- the carameliness really comes through. No added sugar, sweetners or chemicals. Just pressed wholefoods. Really hits the spot. Perfect guilt free treat, although perhaps not great for diabetics- these are quite high sugar due to the dates in them.
A Yummy but healthy and tasty treat!! Definitely satisfies a want for sweet.
Love this flavour
Probably one of the best flavour Nakd bars I have tried
Tried one of these today! It was incredible. Tasty not dry and full of good stuff to boot. I went back and bought more in the range to try. I usually crave sweet things and this feels like I’ve indulged :)
Surprisingly Filling
I like most of the nakd range, but I really like the flavour of the salted caramel. Have them mid morning and I find them very filling :-) Good, healthy snack
I don't love the flavour but I like Nakd bars. A healthy snack :)
Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love this bars , with natural products and they are kosher and dairy free I have tried all the flavor of baked bars
Love these
This has got to be my favourite flavour naked bar, quite sweet but has a subtle salt taste to balance it out just wish more places sold them.

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