4.5 5 0 53 53 Nakd Salted Caramel is a tongue-tantalising taste sensation with a delicate balance of smooth caramel and Cornish sea salt. Made with 100% natural ingredients 'smooshed' together, creating a wonderfully soft, chewy texture with the salty sweet taste you'll enjoy anytime of the day!
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Excellent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love this bars , with natural products and they are kosher and dairy free I have tried all the flavor of baked bars
Love these
This has got to be my favourite flavour naked bar, quite sweet but has a subtle salt taste to balance it out just wish more places sold them.
Love it!!
Totally in love with this new flavour. Also love that the Nakd brand is keeping up to date with current trends in flavour and applying that in a healthier way as an alternative to sweets. I was really happy when I saw them on offer too, as I love a trial price to see if my family and I like something. These are great for on the go and also satisfy the sweet tooth after a meal. Overall, I love the taste and texture 👍🏻
one of their best
Would give 4 and a half if I could. Very solid product from Nakd, one of their best bars for sure, only issue ever is the texture without nibs or biscuit balls inside, but otherwise amazing taste, great flavour on the tongue, easy to snack on
Perfect as always
I like the taste of the bar. Little bit salty little bit sweet. Harmony in taste. Even my toddler likes it. But a wrapper is not recyclable or I just can't see it IDK. I recommend this to everybody as a healthy snack
So yummy!
I have loved these bars since they first came out such a range of flavours! So tasty and true to whats on the packaging some healthy bars isnt always what it tastes like.
Healthy and tasty!
Great taste, all natural ingredients makes it a great snack.
Healthy but yummy
I love that these are dairy and gluten free ,they also have no added sugar the only sugar is natural from the fruits inside these ,my son has friends with gluten allergies so these are great to keep for when they come over to play as they are delcious also
Only thing to top these naked snacks is my wife naked They are very tasty probably the best one from the naked range
This is my favourite flavour this company have made so far! Again they have managed to keep the bar tasting delicious with out adding any sugars or artificial sweeteners. I will buy this again.
The taste is perfect just right and great for in between meals
Very Tasty
I have one of these when I feel peckish between meals and they are so tasty and rather filling.
I can’t believe it’s all fruit!!!
I have tried most of the flavours of the nakd bars and so far love them all!!! It really doesn’t taste like it’s all just fruit ....... feels like chocolate sometimes!!! My favourite is the peanut butter one!!!!
These are sooo good. Weird texture but very good flavour
These do no taste how you think. They dont taste much like caramel however they do taste gorgeous. They obviously taste healthy but are such lovely bars and would totally recommend.

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