4.4 5 0 41 41 Nakd Salted Caramel is a tongue-tantalising taste sensation with a delicate balance of smooth caramel and Cornish sea salt. Made with 100% natural ingredients 'smooshed' together, creating a wonderfully soft, chewy texture with the salty sweet taste you'll enjoy anytime of the day!
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I can’t believe it’s all fruit!!!
I have tried most of the flavours of the nakd bars and so far love them all!!! It really doesn’t taste like it’s all just fruit ....... feels like chocolate sometimes!!! My favourite is the peanut butter one!!!!
These are sooo good. Weird texture but very good flavour
These do no taste how you think. They dont taste much like caramel however they do taste gorgeous. They obviously taste healthy but are such lovely bars and would totally recommend.
I bought these for the kids after school snack... had one and well, sorry kids but they are so yum they are now mummy’s get me through the day treat! Devine!
Loved it!
I'm quite fussy with naked bars and usually find them quite clawy and tasteless. I was pleasantly surprised with the salted Caramel it was a subtle flavour and quite sweet without being overpowering and sickly. I initially chose this flavour of product as I fancied a healthy snack and it's one of the lowest on calories of the bar. One of my favourite flavours I've and definitely would purchase again especially if on offer!
I’m not usually a fan of salted caramel but these are just delicious. The whole box has already been eaten in my house as it seems the kids love them too! Will definitely be purchasing again
Not as good as other flavours in the range, lemon or bakewell flavours are better, not enough caramel flavour
Lovely treat
Nice little treat to have on the go. They taste delicious and not too sickly. Definitely recommend.
I did really enjoy this flavour! It’s sweet, sweeter than maybe I’d like a natural bar to taste but still, a lovely almost guilt free snack
Ok but not world changing
Sweet and quite sickly without the salty caramel aspect I was expecting. Not as good as some of the flavours and bars in the range. Think a revamp is required
Delicious but expensive
We love the nakd bars in our household and this one is particularly yummy but expensive for a weekly treat.
Bit pricey
These are ok tasty enough but no great shakes and a bit pricey compared to competitors.
Love the nuts
If you like nuts then you will love this, completely nutalisus (is that a word) hmmm. Also peanut butter lovers will be amazed at the taste.
Very Sweet
I love salted caramel and therefore was so happy when I found these. Unfortunately they aren’t as good as the anticipation - salted caramel is known for taking away some of the sweetness however these are very sweet and sickly. Not for the salted caramel purists
I absolutely love Naked bars but these ones are especially great! They just taste like a normal unhealthy bar and really gake away the craving for sweet treats! I would 100% recommend this to anyway looking a healthy alternative!

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