3.9 5 0 224 224 Milk chocolate (35%) covered caramel (32%) and biscuit (26%), with an extra pinch of salt. Suitable for Vegetarians.
Twix Salted Caramel Fingers
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Really tasty
I love all things salted caramel and twix one of my favourite chocolate bar made this just had to try it and it was so worth it!
Nice Taste
Tried these with my sister as we wanted something sweet to eat. We both liked them very much. You could taste the caramel with the hints of salt in them. Would buy them again as a treat.
sons loves but ...
My son loves these but I find they overly salty and the salt is probably sea salt as crunchy in the bar.
This was nice enough but felt there was no difference between this and a normal twix. Flavour is too subtle
In my opinion the flavour of these is too subtle. I almost couldn’t tell the difference between these and a normal Twix.
It’s ok
I expected it to be a salted caramel blend, but it’s basically a normal Twix with pieces of salt inside
My new favourite twin! love the random saltiness mixed with the usual tastiness of a twix. Very addictive
I’m huge fan of salted caramel and twix itself. Always been missing a bit of sweetness on the original twix bar. As soon as I tried that one, I’ve realised that that’s gonna be my favourite flavoured bar so far haha
Love it
Super tasty and perfect amount of salted caramel. Wont buy the normal twix badly more after eating these. Had to resist eating the whole pack.
Chunks of salt!
Firstly, what has happened to the size of Twix? They've become so small! Now, I love salted caramel and was excited to try this, but it is simply a standard Twix with lumps of sea salt in it - teeth beware!
Weirdly crunchy...
Personally, I love Salted Caramel, however, this Twix tastes like the original Twix with randomly placed sea salt. THIS IS NOT WHAT SALTED CARAMEL IS. Other than that, it was OK.
love it
These are so yummy. But they aren't available in all shops and I haven't seen them as an individual bar yet which is a shame
I love twix and salted caramel so to find the both together I was in seventh heaven, just delish 😋
Almost perfect .....
Salted caramel is a favourite flavour of mine and the Twix version certainly hit the spot, my only criticism is that I had a couple of occasions when I bit down on a very hard salt granule !! Otherwise delicious 😋
Its was nice but.....
now dont get me wrong I love a good salted caramel anything. But this was just missing that little extra salt. It was just a little too sweet for me.

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