Batiste Strengthen Leave-In Hair Mask

4.7 5 0 89 89 Batiste Strengthen Leave-In Hair Mask can treat your hair and seal in moisture between washes! This lush cream formula, infused with naturally-derived flaxseed, beads of Vitamin E, and coconut and macadamia oils, prevents breakage and leaves hair feeling stronger.
Batiste Strengthen Leave-In Hair Mask


Bye-Bye frizzy hair!
I cannot stress how amazing this product is. As someone who has always had very frizzy hair (no matter the weather) this stuff has been a godsend for taming my mane and helping with my split-ends. It also smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth.
Batiste Leave- in Hair Mask
Smells great! Is a heavy hair product, but leaves hair soft. The best out there? I don't think so, but I would definitely use again given the price and the availability at local stores. Not a top notch or use often product in my opinion.
Smooths and softens
I love this stuff! I was skeptical because I don’t like their dry shampoo but it tried it and loved it! It smells great first of all! That’s important because nobody wants smelt hair! Second my hair instantly felt soft and smooth! I use it regularly and can tell a difference in my hair if I forget it. It’s replaced my hair mask that I spent 4x the price on!
Do not like the formula
I was really excited to try this hair mask but was disappointed. I have long thick straight hair and the hair mask felt too heavy. Granted Ive only tried it on dry hair which the back of the bottle states that it can be used on towel dry or dry hair but I don’t think it would make too much difference. It does smell good but I don’t like the greasy heavy feeling that I get initially when I apply this mask. It does eventually dry completely but I don’t like how my hair feels at first which doesn’t make me want to continue using it.
great between wash treatment
I have wavy hair and use leave-in conditioner between washes for a quick refresh - I have fine/thin hair, and this Batiste leave-in mask adds hydration without weighing me down to much. I add a little to my palm and mix with a little water, then scrunch into slightly damp hair - works beautifully!
I find BATISTE LEAVE IN HAIR MASK a great product to use. Leaves my hair Smelling great and feeling great. After I wash my hair in the shower I don't use conditioner, I towel dry my hair leaving my hair damp. Then squeeze a nice amount of BATISTE HAIR MASK in my hand, rub my hands back an forth to active the beads, and apply to my hair. Either leave it to air dry or blow dry. An that's it for a ALL DAY, HAIR DAY!! It's also great for detangling or frizz. Even used it
Definitely a must have!
This conditioner is an absolute must if your hair is dry or dyed a lot
Love the hair masks
I have tried the batiste hair mask. It comes in a tube and is very easy to use. I love the smell of the hair mask. It definitely helps in nourishing the hair and making it healthier.
Loved it
Left my hair feeling healthy despite how much heat is put on it daily. I would this daily loved it
Nice Drugstore Hair Mask
This is a pretty nice hair mask! For a drugstore pick-up, I am impressed with the quality and price. It was a bit heavy on my hair, I'd prefer something more lightweight and less concentrated, but all-in-all, this is a really good quality product!
Works great
I really like the look and feel of my hair when using this product. It helps soften and moisturize my hair all day but isn't greasy. Over time I have noticed the condition of m hair has improved. This has help settle down the flyaways of broken hair and my hair feels softer and seems to be getting stronger.
Incredibly nice to the hair
I actually enjoy using this product every time I know I'm gonna go out. My hair is straight but I have a LOT of frizz. This product actually controls it perfectly for me, even with a lot of wind! I notice the difference every time I dont use it when I stay at home. I recommend it
This smells sooo good and it left my hair feeling incredibly soft and healthy
Love this mask!
I absolutely love this hair mask! I use it once a week to keep my hair moisturized and repairing any damage I may have gotten the last week since last use. And the smell is amazing!
Improves Hair
I've been using this hair mask for a few weeks now and can definitely see a big difference! I don't use any heat styling on my hair but still see a lot of fallout and damage, so was looking for something to help strengthen my hair and help give it some life back. This has been an absolute god send!! I'd recommend this mask to anyone looking to improve their hair at all. Varying the usage of this product will give you different turnouts!

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