Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103

4.7 5 0 80 80 Whether you'll be spending a night out in the woods at your favorite campsite with the family or you're stocking up on emergency essentials, this Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight is just what you've been looking for. Hand size makes it easy to pack on your pocket, so that you are ready for any flashlight-dependent situation. 50 Lumens. 2 Hours running time. 40m Beam distance. Be sure to stock up on campsite essentials and pick up an Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight.
Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103


Must have!
I love the Ozark trail mini flashlight! It’s definitely an essential and fits well for day hikes and camping without taking up too much space or adding weight! I’ll probably get another to keep in my car.
Affordable functionality
This flashlight is the best on the market for cheap camping gear. It is affordable for any budget and shines light long enough for close range and far. I love the array of colors I could choose from at the store so each person could identify whos was whos.
Little thing
Would rate 10/10 because it’s so handy you can put it in any item holder like a bag when you go over someone’s house just inches the power goes out and you pull out you lucky and dandy FLASH LIGHT!
Handy little flashlight
I have one of these in my purse, I don’t really need it but it’s so nice to have. It’s bright, it’s easy to use and it’s durable. It didn’t go through batteries fast which is amazing because batteries aren’t cheap!!
Love it!
They may be small but that doesn't stop them from doing their job.... they are very bright!
So handy!
I have these in my bags and random little areas around the house and shop.
Ozark trail mini led
I purchased this to keep in my purse. Mini size with tons of power. Very bright. Fun colors to choose from. Not a total battery killer. I would buy this again.
These are really good when power goes out .They are really bright but be careful not to drop them sometimes they will not work if you drop them.
Very bright
I have 3 of them. 1 in my car, 1 in my purse, and one in my basement. I just love them. They’re so handy and very bright.
Great little flashlights!
These are handy little flashlights! We have used them for various purposes in and out of the house and our vehicles. Convenient to have next to each of our beds and in each bathroom, just in case. Highly recommend.
Great and compact
Great flashlight to add to an emergency drawer. Compact yet bright and very cost effective. Great to have in my purse as will and keep in my car.
Works well
I found these at walmart neigborhood market and picked one up just to have around the house and for camping, we go a lot. They were very fair priced and I was very suprised at how durable they were. My son's were playing with it and it made it through them dropping it and throwing it. I actually went back and bought a few more
Cute colors and convenient
I have ones of these in almost every color. They are so convenient to have in your car, on your keychains, and just around the house. You never know when your going to need a flashlight and unfortunately I’ve found that out the hard way. Now, I never go anywhere without this little thing. Plus they have cute colors and they’re not too bulky.
They work great, especially for the price
Myself and multiple family members have bought these on numerous occasions. They are inexpensive and come in handy. I have never had a problem with one and have bought multiple
Great Gift
My husband bought me one for those nights I’m alone and need to see to unlock doors when coming into the house alone & the porch lights aren’t on and I’m telling you this little comfortable, bright thing is a lifesaver for me. How did I ever manage? I carry it in my purse daily. The brightness is excellent.

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