Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103

4.8 5 0 324 324 Whether you'll be spending a night out in the woods at your favorite campsite with the family or you're stocking up on emergency essentials, this Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight is just what you've been looking for. Hand size makes it easy to pack on your pocket, so that you are ready for any flashlight-dependent situation. 50 Lumens. 2 Hours running time. 40m Beam distance. Be sure to stock up on campsite essentials and pick up an Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight.
Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103


great size
I have these all over the house and in each room just in case the electricity goes off from a storm. I was surprise how much light it has for the size. It can really brighten up a dark room instantly
Could be Brighter
My family is know for having flashlights as many places we can so this purchase was a no brainer. These are easy to keep on you or in a purse so that we are never without one, I just wish they were brighter.
Great light
I have one clipped to my purse ,I take it everywhere, it is so handy and bright.
They do the job
For someone who always misplaces things and children who inherent my trait, these lil flashlights are a lifesaver. For the price I can buy a few and place one in each day pack, back pack, duffle bag, well everywhere and hopefully not be without light.
THese were great
I loved them when I tried them from a friend once, but would love to be able to sample this product, as I work in security and this would be immensely helpful throughout the course of my work. This would then allow me to provide an in-depth review on the lasting quality of these products
Great for camping
I had gotten a few of these for a camping trip we took for the kids. They worked great for them to use around the site and to find their way to the bathroom. It gave off enough light that they could see where they were going with out blinding everyone around.
Perfect for camping
We use these when we go camping. We get one for each kid to help see around the campground or to use the restroom. The strap is perfect for any size wrist and the light is bright! They have lasted YEARS! Anytime we need a handy little light, we always get these! They come in many colors so everyone can choose what color they want!
Love these!
Really bright for how small they are. We keep them in car, in the tool box, in the house for just about anything. Everyone loves the colors. Easy to carry and doesn't take up a lot of space.
Great for Power Outages or Night Walks!
My power went out recently so I was so grateful to have these handy! I keep two of these in my glove compartment and they are very helpful when checking under your hood, or if you lose your phone in your car.
This is such an affordable flashlight. If you need multiples, this is the one because of the price. It works. It's bright enough to get the job done. And you also have the option for some cute colors!! Definitely appeals to everyone!
This is great for camping. It’s compact but bright.
Ozark Trail Mini Flashlight
These mini hand held flashlights are great. Perfect for kids and adults. I carry one in my purse, and keep one in my car and one by my bed. They're lightweight and easy to use. Takes up almost no space anywhere you store it.
Love them!
I love these flashlights. I didn't get one to test but I buy them. They r affordable and bright. I buy loads of them because every time I get one my little grandkids steal them!
Great little flashlight
These flashlights are the greatest. Besides being affordable they are very bright and we always keep several in our camper. Everyone gets one for their pocket when we are camping. They are a wonderful addition to Christmas stockings and Easter baskets also.
These little flashlights are bright and handy. I carry one with me in my purse solely for security reasons.

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