Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103

4.8 5 0 188 188 Whether you'll be spending a night out in the woods at your favorite campsite with the family or you're stocking up on emergency essentials, this Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight is just what you've been looking for. Hand size makes it easy to pack on your pocket, so that you are ready for any flashlight-dependent situation. 50 Lumens. 2 Hours running time. 40m Beam distance. Be sure to stock up on campsite essentials and pick up an Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight.
Ozark Trail Mini Handheld LED Flashlight 50 Lumens 6 Colors Model 6103


Perfect for Kids
We purchased these for my son all the time. He LOVES flashlights. He is 5 years old. He absolutely loves these little lights! They fit perfect in his hands and pockets also around the wrist. They are super bright as well. Very easily to click on and off. He wants on of every color. For a $1 we don’t mind grabbing one here and there when going to the store! He uses them inside and outside. They are perfect for adults also!
Great mini flashlight!
I bought two of these Ozark Trail flashlights, one for my daughter to keep in her backpack/purse in college, for when she walks back to the dorm at night. I also carry one in my purse. I have used it many times when I have to walk back to my car in a parking lot. The light is great, ample and it works better than larger ones I have purchased in the past. Batteries have lasted since I bought them. Also, colors are fun and the price is great for the amazing quality they are. I would definitely recommend!
Mini flashlight
These are awesome! Don't let the small size (4 inches) fool you. They are bright and last a long time! I bought a bunch and took them to a family camping event and gave all the grandkids one after it started getting dark. They had a blast! I carry one in my purse all the time.
I had a pink one. Had it for about 3 year and went camping and lost it. I used it for about everything. Glow in the dark paint power on gel nail polish glue I mis mine
Great gifts for stockings
Over the years, I have purchased these little flashlights for my kids. They can be easily stored in a pocket or backpack and have a great beam of light.
Great little flashlight!
I love these flashlights! They are small so they fit in my purse, car and drawers at home. I have several around my house. Great plus that the battery is included!
Perfect flashlight set
These flashlights are great! They're compact enough to fit in my purse and colorful so they're easy to find when needed. They're also pretty bright for being so small! Would definitely recommend.
Ozark Trail Flashlight
Our family had the most fun running around the house playing flashlight tag and hide and go seek! Very safe for children and easy to hold on to.
Handy little flashlight
These small flashlights really put out some light! They are small and easy to carry around. Although they are super bright at first, as the battery level gets lower, the brightness diminishes too. Just pop new batteries in and it’ll brighten up again. Wish battery lasted longer, other than that it’s a great little flashlight.
Excellent flashlight
This is one of those flashlights that you buy several of. We keep one in car, in my purse, on the fridge and in my hubby's man cave room. Easy to find when lights go out. The brightness of the light is awesome. You can use them for anything. I would recommend buying at least 2. You never know when you need one.
Best little flashlight
It’s small and compact. Fits in your car and great for emergencies. It’s so bright and I use it everywhere. And have one for my bedroom and one for my car. I would recommend this product.
Great little flashlight for parents and kids alike. Very handy, and bright for whatever you need in your tent, vehicle, backpack, or purse!
U need 1
I purchased 2 of these one day with my mom (she also brought 2 for her home) and when I tell you I never knew how "regular and not bright" regular flashlights are compared to this. I even have those big yellow flashlights that take the big block like battery and this Lil flashlight outshines this 100x. I use it when I am walking the dog at night and can see way up in trees and can see soo far ahead of me its crazy. I will never buy another regular flashlight AGAIN!! If you dont have one I would definitely recommend. The size and power is great. I have one upstairs another downstairs in case electricity is lost it will for sure come in handy to light my entire bed room when I aim it up!! I plan to get more one for my car and also to put around The house for emergencies.
The brightest little light
This is a very affordable and bright flashlight. I like how small it is and how I can just throw it in my purse or my center console. It comes in handy.

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