Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape

4.8 5 0 227 227 Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape is great for everyday uses such as labeling, mounting and bundling. Keep a roll in office, classroom and junk drawer at home for easy access anytime. The strong adhesive applies easily to clean surfaces. To prevent residue, remove within 24 hours. Recommended for use on non-damageable surfaces.
Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape


Excellent for painting leaving sharp lines and smooth finish with no sticky residue
This is THE masking tape!
This is the masking tape against which all masking tape is measured for quality and durability and ease of use. We can pretend it's not, but it is and for good reason this is the best masking tape hands down. I have tried other brands of masking tape, some weren't even sticky and they were called masking tape (not to be confused with washi tape which is not masking tape!) and in response I had to get more of this masking tape. Do try it for yourself but also be sure that you follow the directions on where you should and shouldn't use masking tape.
Household Staple
This tape is not thick but durable as a masking tape . I use it for multiple purposes. Sometimes have to double the tape it’s a thin but The brand is popular and has been around awhile . Cost effective as well
Great tape
This tape does what its supposed to do. Keeps stuff sticky and doesnt loosen. This tape is great because you can write on it to label boxes or totes while moving or organizing, which is nice. I would recommend this
Every house needs it.
Perfect product for so many uses. We rarely go a week without using it for something.
Masking tape
This is my favorite masking tape for all things around the house. Outdoors and in!
Great, reliable, tape
This is one of those tapes that you always need to have on hand. It always comes in handy around the house and it's always reliable when you need it. I recommend it to everyone who hasn't tried it.
Great for most home projects.
I really like Scotch masking tape. It's a good quality product. I like the fact that I can use it on my door or wall and it will not tear the paint off. It's great for if you need to stick something only temporarily without damaging the surface.
Tape That Sticks with Perfection
Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape is my go-to solution for various tasks. Its strong adhesive ensures a secure hold, making it versatile for home projects and office needs. The ease of use and clean removal make it a reliable companion for any task. No project is complete without this trusty masking tape!
Perfect for the DIY people
I recently purchased Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape and I have been extremely pleased with its performance. As someone who loves to DIY and tackle home improvement projects, having a reliable and durable masking tape is essential. After using this product, I can confidently say that it is one of the best masking tapes I have ever used. The first thing that caught my attention about this tape was its strong adhesive. Unlike other tapes I have used in the past, this one sticks to surfaces securely without peeling off or leaving behind any residue. I have used it on various surfaces such as walls, wood, and plastic, and it has held up remarkably well. I never have to worry about the tape coming off and ruining my project. Another great feature of this masking tape is its versatility. Not only is it perfect for home projects, but it also works great in an office setting. I have used it to label files, mark important pages in books, and even to temporarily hold papers together.
You can never go wrong with this masking tape especially when used for painting
Easy to remove
Worked in daycare and I am constantly using the tape to hang up artworks or the different decor every month. The tape is so easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue or damaging the wall.
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Good tape
Good tape with may uses and good to have on hand . My only concern is the cost now a days we use this tape quite a bit but make sure to use small pieces because it cost so much . Would recommend it. Scotch brand is really a good brand .
Great for Projects
Scotch Home and Office Masking Tape is a reliable and versatile tape for all your projects. It adheres well to a variety of surfaces, making it perfect for crafting, painting, or labeling. The tape tears easily by hand and leaves no residue, making cleanup a breeze. Overall, a great value for its quality and performance.

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