4.5 5 0 254 254 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
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Great alternative
I was looking for a aluminum free deodorant that works. When I saw that secret a brand I've used for years had it I jumped at the chance to try it. I chose the rose water scent, it was not a over powering smell at all to my sensitive nose. That's not even the best part. It protects you just like and regular antiperspirant just with out the aluminum. Great buy, I will continue to use this product and look forward to trying the other scents or even some new ones if they add to the collection.
Aluminum Free Deodorant
I tried the Secret Aluminum free deodorant, I did not think it worked as well as my regular Secret deodorant, the smell is not as good either. I would recommend it because it is suppose to be better for you especially if you have had breast cancer.
Just the next best thing from secret
Secret has always been my go to brand of deodorant. I have always had a job that was very demanding and physical, so I could not use just any deodorant. Secret has always been the one I trusted and this newest one is just a way of making it better. It always goes on clear, lasts all day and of course smells great.
Love it
I use this daily and it smells great and works really well! Keeps me fresh and dry through out the day
Clean coverage
I love Secret! The formula glides on clean and clear leaving me covered with all day protection. I feel refreshed and smelling good all day even after a hard workout when I need the most coverage.
Great product
This deodorant goes on clear and stays on for hours. It also keeps me dry for hours even in this extreme heat we are having. It smells very good, but has a soft scent not a strong deodorant scent more of a clean scent. Best used during a workout.
The Best Yet!!!
I love how this product doesn't leave that filmy feeling after showering. It also works extremely well even in very hot days. But most importantly it’s great knowing this product has no aluminum in it.
Secret Aluminum Free
Secret Aluminum free deodorant is one of the best and safest way to go. Doctors are saying the Aluminum is causing breast cancer. They should active scents so you can smell fresh all day. I recommend this product to the young girls. Stop using Aluminum!!
I did not enjoy this product
I did not enjoy this product. I have tried gel deodorants before and I have enjoyed them so I knew it was not because of the texture. The smell of this stuff if awful and I feel like it is stuck on me all day. It does not hold well against the summer heat or intense sweating. I have always loved secret and other types of their deodorant I do prefer. I can not get myself to love these and I have even tried multiplied scents of this series due to the appeal of the product.
Not for me
I was really excited about this! And I really wanted to love it, but unfortunately by the middle of the day I can already tell that I had some B.O. I tried it for a few weeks hoping that it was just my pits detoxifying, but the smell would still come.
Love it!
I love this product! It is extremely light weight & keeps me dry. I went through the whole day (inside and outside in Texas heat) and it didn't budge.
Not too good
I dont really like this deodorant because for me it does not work, it make me sweat alot.
Great coverage
I absolutely love this deodorant. It has great coverage and I would recommend giving it a try. It feels light and does a great job working throughout the day. It is definitely worth trying. Trust me you’ll keep purchasing it.
I am blessed that I have never sweated much nor have body odor. This works perfect for me
Great for breast cancer survivors
I have been using another brand recommended for breast cancer patients and found that coverage didn't last as long as needed. At that time 22013 there were few options in the stores that made you feel protected and feminine. I recently switched to Secrets aluminum free deodorant and immediately liked the silky feel when applying and it made me feel feminine. I am still in the testing stage to see how long it holds me dry over the course of the day. I'm certain it will stand up Dpve is a product I trust.

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