4.5 5 0 268 268 It goes on clear and dry, offers superior odor protection, and contains no aluminum, no parabens, and no dyes.
Secret® Aluminum Free Deodorant Daylily
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Not the best for sensitive skin
It was an ok deodorant, but I have very sensitive skin and usually use dermatologist deodorant, but I wanted to try something less expensive. The deodorant did not give me any allergic reaction, but I feel like it does not hold it's odor for long like other deodorants I have tried.
Dont wear on a hot day
It smells good but it definitely doesn't work as good as deodorant that has aluminum in it, but on the bright side its better for you. I would wear this in the winter, not when its 90 degrees outside.
No streaks
I came across this by accident 😂 my husband got the wrong thing and I fell in love with it . It doesn't streak it works great for 24 hours . I gave a four because of price and availability not every store carries it all the time. Also it doesn't have as many sents as I like
I love it
Best thing I could have discovered. Lasts all day long and does not rub off on my clothes.
So fresh and clean
I love this deodorant! It doesn't leave residu and it lasts all day keeping you feeling dry and fresh.
I LOVE this product! This is the Only deodorant ill use now!
Love the concept of it
I was so excited to use this, it worked the first time I used it and then it didn’t keep the smell away. I don’t have horrible body odor either.
Nice smell,but not a strong enough deodorant
I don't usually use gel deodorant because of the sticky, gooey residue it leaves on you. This deodorant has a lovely smell that lasts long after the antiperspirant gives up. I've always had to reapply my deodorant a couple times per day, depending on how active I am and I I had to reapply this a couple times after a calm relaxing day. So this deodorant isn't for us ladies who sweat a lot.
Good product
I liked this product and would purchase again! Provides good protection!
Wow! Much better than regular!
Wow! I'm totally impressed by this deorderant! Didn't know aluminum made that much difference but it does! You've got to try this, it just feels different! I can tell it works! I can feel it working almost! I've never felt this confident before! Thank you #Secret for this awesome product! I'm a believer now! Highly recommend!
very good product provides great protection and I would purchase again.
Better than expected
This is way better than first anticipated, doesn't transfer or leave much residue. I'm actually glad I tried this!
I love it
I love using this brand I would recommend this to my friends. Because there's no itchiness when you use this product no keep things the way they are. An yes I would recommend this
Secret Aluminium Free Deodorant
I got a sample of this Secret Aluminium Free Deodorant and I LOVE it. I will be purchasing more in the future!
Great alternative
I was looking for a aluminum free deodorant that works. When I saw that secret a brand I've used for years had it I jumped at the chance to try it. I chose the rose water scent, it was not a over powering smell at all to my sensitive nose. That's not even the best part. It protects you just like and regular antiperspirant just with out the aluminum. Great buy, I will continue to use this product and look forward to trying the other scents or even some new ones if they add to the collection.

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