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Twisties Margherita Pizza
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A fake powder smell
I am sorry not the best twist on twisties. The fake smell when you open the bag of powder cheese and tomato they also don't taste like a combination of the two done well. Smell a little like hmm. Sorry twisties, please do this again.
Surprisingly good
Have tried all the limited edition flavour chips etc that have come out lately, and these are probably one of the best flavours to come out.
Loved the flavour of these twisties. I found them tangy but sweet, it was a little odd and wouldnt have said pizza, but definitely bought more when on sale. I loved having something different in Twisites.
New flavour isn’t for me
I found these to be quite strong on flavour but they weren’t to my liking. Think I will stick to the chicken.
Love it
I bought it the other day and loved it, nice taste but very addictive
twisted twisties
Absolutely hated these twisties they were to tangy for my taste and the left a awful after taste in my mouth ,..still cringe when I think of them...I will not be buying them for my grandchildren ever
Pizza twist
I like it for something different and their Morish
Tasty boiz
Absolutely loved this flavour, leaves you wanting more. Will definitely be buying this again.
Tomato flavour
This flavour should be renamed "tomato twisties" because that's all I taste. They are alright but that's just it, boring really. I'd rather enjoy the regular twisties.
Great but different
Lovely alternative to your usual twistie wasn’t expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. Super tasty would buy again.
I enjoyed these- I bought them twice. Would buy again- a twist on your usual Twisties!
My partner and I are always open to trying new products with unique flavours and these caught our attention the other week. These have a unique flavour and are quite addictive that you finish the packet in no time. Would I purchase these weekly. Personally, it’s something I wouldn’t buy all the time but still worth getting for a BBQ with friends and family around.
Tangy Twisties
I love to try new products from Twisties this flavour was definitely different a tomato taste which is quite strong but overall a nice fresh crunchy tasty twistie with a twist.
Take it or leave it
I am always trying the new flavours twisties offer and this one is actually quite boring. Yes its tomatoey but its nothing to write home about. I definitely walk past them in the shop!
Herby, not margaritary though
Recently bought two bags of these thinking a change might be nice. I quickly ate one packet and was underwhelmed with the flavour. It was tomatoey with herb, that’s it. It took me a while to open the second packet and I didn’t like it either. Will give these a pass in the future.

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