5 5 0 11 11 Made from from fish extract with the right level of saltiness and umami which makes this fish sauce a perfect match for various dishes. It can be used both for cooking and as dipping sauce!
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Perfectly salty
The bottle has a classy look, so it looks great in my kitchen. And the taste has enough salty and fishy taste to it. Works perfectly with any dishes especially as a sawsawan. Yum!
Katamtamang lasa para sa lutuin
Bet na bet namin ni mom ang barrio fiesta fish sauce. Bukod sa affordable, sakto pa ang lasa para sa timpla ng everyday pang ulam namin. Even sa sawsawan lagyan lang ng calamansi, solve na! Ever since natikman namin to di na kami nagtry ng ibang brand ng fish sauce. Ang ganda pa ng packaging. Kudos
Fish saucy 😊
Saktong alat bagay na bagay pangsawsawan Saktong sakto din sa may sabaw Masarap and abot kaya 😀
barrio fiesta patis
what i like about this product is its taste and overall packaging...it is easy to open and also affordable considering it is from a known brand of filipino cusine restaurant.
The best patis i’ve tried
Right saltiness and will make your dishes tasty... truly best quality fish sauce
Barrio fiesta
Barrio fiesta product is all good not even the patis all the product is real goods all bagoongs flavors is good so I will rate them perfect 💕
Excellent product
Several dishes and menu for this products. You can even add into your daily menu for more gourmet dishes special
Very good fish sauce
I tried this barrio fiesta fish sauce at my sister’s kitchen, I was the one prepares and cook clam stew and it really compliments the flavor of the dish. It doesn’t smells awful like other fish sauce hence the flavor is just right and balanced. Not too salty It is a good table condiments in every home or cupboard. Would buy my own bottle too.
Barrio Fiesta Gourmet Series Patis lives up to its name. It has a pure patis taste that doesn't leave a "malansa" aftertaste, unlike other brands of patis. It has a mild fish sauce smell that won't overpower the nostrils when you remove the cap. Although I wish it's also available in refill pouches so we don't have to buy the PET-bottled one every time we run out of patis. Overall, I would definitely recommend this patis brand to other consumers.
Barrio Fiesta Patis
Malasa at di masyado malansa, sarap haluan ng sili at kalamansi! The best!
I tried this once, at nagustuhan ko, unlike others, hindi ito malansa
I hope na matikman q din ito pra malaman q ang pagkakaiba nia sa ibang brand ng patis..ang sosyal tgnan ng lagayan...
sana magkaroon ng libre ng product na ito. Para maka pag try naman. Salamat
I never tried any fish sauce other than the Fish sauce we're using, I wonder how this Fish Sauce taste like. :o
Hope to try this product soon, i've read the reviews.

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