Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

4.7 5 0 23 23 Sriracha Chili Sauce is made from fresh red chili peppers, pureed in its own juices and flavored with distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. It is slightly sweet and acidic with a smooth, juicy and thick consistency. It can be used as a dip, condiment or cooking ingredient.
Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce


It's yummy. I use it on pretty much everything. Best thing to do mix a spoonful of it with nongshim ramyun to give it an extra zing.
The Right Mix of Sour and Spicy
This sauce makes my soup dishes (fried also) really yummy. I love its right amount of sourness and spiciness. However, it's not that widely available as I can only get it online or in S&R, which is a hassle. Overall I like it but it's sad that it is not that affordable.
ok lang naman medyo pricey sya pero ok naman lasa para tulad naming mahilig sa maanghang
Favorite namin lahat
Naku sarap nito hot sauce na to. Mabilis maubo sa amin ang isang bottle. Kahit mga anak ko gustong gusto nila. Di nawawala sa lamesa tuwing kakain. Sarap ng pagka anghang nya.
My most favorite spicy sauce.
This hot sauce really is a must have every time we do our groceries. So sad lang nagkaroon ng shortage sa Sriracha pero I'm very happy nung unang natry ko to sa Pizza. that's why i always makesure meron nito sa bahay . I also do sriracha and mayo sauce whenever we have fries.
very 'potent' hot sauce
i like to mix this with mayo to make my own spicy mayo. also, great spice for my baked sushi.
My husband's favorite
You use to buy because it's my husband's favorite. We can all flavor to our food.
Spice it up
Best for Pizza, Burgers, Chicken wings and more! Tried the korean style chicken wings with this? You'!! Love it!
One of my fave condiments. Haha a classic taste of home. I usually add this one in soysouce. Just to make our dip spicy and more flavorful than just the old soysouce dip.
Sriracha sauce
I really like this product Lalo na ilalagay ko sa pizza... binili ko to sa snr nakikita ko to sa mga cousins ko, by the way taga bicol ako kaya mahilig sa spicy ... anything spicy very satisfying ang lasa
Ito ang gusto kong sauce ang sarap grabe da best
I really love spicy food and this brand is a good source of spiciness. I always use it for sawsawan and ulam for extra kick of zing.
simula natry namin to, continious na ang pagbili namin nito kada grocery time namin. Masarap sya at affordable at madali mahanap sa market. Hindi ako mahilig sa maanghang pero napakain ako nung natikman ko ito.
I’ve tried other sriracha sauces.. but this by far is the best that I’ve tried. I love this on my grilled cheese sandwich.
used it for baked sushi
We loved this product. Eto gamit namin pg gumagawa sis in law ko ng baked sushi. mas sumarap lalo ang sushi.

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