UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil

4.9 5 0 35 35 Our premium line of Golden Fiesta Premium Oils contains phytosterols that protect your heart from disease and lower cholesterol by up to 15% with proper exercise and diet.
UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil


Good for cooking
Good for cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our most loved kitchen oil
Nakilala ko si UFC Golden Fiesta Canola oil nung nag try ako mag bake. Kasi mas okay daw ang texture ng cakes kapag canola oil ang gamit. Since mahilig din si husband sa mga fried foods nag decide ako na mag stick na kami kay UFC Golden Fiesta Canola oil para sa mga prito prito naming ulam. Sa online ako usually bumibili nito tapos sinasamahan ko na syempre ng other UFC items para sulit ang sf ko.
The best brand of Canola Oil
I've been looking out for my and my family's health a lot lately, so this is the cooking oil I've been using for a while now (since 2017). I can say that this brand is the best. It has no bitter or after taste which we had experience from one of other brands.
A Delicious and Healthy Choice
Bagay ito sa lahat ng klase ng lutuin. Pang-prito man ito o pang-gisa, magiging perfect ang lasa at kahit anong ihahain mo. Hindi rin ito mag-iwan ng matapang na lasa o amoy sa mga pagkain, kaya siguradong magugustuhan ito ng buong pamilya.
Healthy food for family
This is my trusted oil in my kitchen even sa mga baked goodies ko. Perfect sa kahit anong dishes and even sa cakes and pastries.
ufc canola oil review
the oil is good. just like sa ibang kinds of oil ok cya pangluto but ang kinaibahan alam mong protected ka healthwise pag ito ang gamit mo. reasonable din ang price compared sa ibang canola oil. this oil helps us enjoy fried foods without worrying about our health that much. so its a good product.
the oil fiesta
This is what my wife uses whenever she cooks or fries, it doesn't turn black easily and it smells good.. so this is what we use on a daily basis... so recommendable. thumbs up!
Culinary Excellence with Golden Fiesta
Calling all cooking enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals, prepare to be blown away by the incredible versatility and health benefits of Golden Fiesta! As an avid home cook, I have tried numerous cooking oils over the years, but none have come close to the exceptional qualities of this liquid gold. And it may also help reduce cholesterol!
Canola oil is no. 1
It’s healthy and worth the price. Highly recommended.
Our choice of Oil
Ever since I tried this oil, it has always been our choice of cooking oil. Although it is cheap, the quality is really superb! I like to use this when I'm frying.
Healthy Choice
Golden Fiesta Canola oil is our choice to avoid high cholesterol level. We felt like this is a healthier option for the whole family. The price is worth the benefit. Will definitely recommend this product with family and friends
Prito here, prito there, prito anywhere! Di pwedeng walang mantika pag mag-pprito. Haha
Canola Oil for Frying
UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is my go-to choice for frying food. It's a reliable and versatile option that consistently delivers excellent results. The oil's high smoke point ensures that my dishes turn out crispy and delicious every time. Its neutral flavor allows the natural taste of the food to shine through without overpowering it. Plus, with its heart-healthy properties, I can indulge in my favorite fried treats guilt-free. UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is a kitchen staple that never disappoints.
Affordable and healthy
Good and healthy choice of oil; my family's go-to oil when cooking. No after taste or smell. Having it in a bottle makes it easier to handle when in the kitchen.
excellent quality! price friendly and long lasting product

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