UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil

4.8 5 0 23 23 Our premium line of Golden Fiesta Premium Oils contains phytosterols that protect your heart from disease and lower cholesterol by up to 15% with proper exercise and diet.
UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil


Canola Oil for Frying
UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is my go-to choice for frying food. It's a reliable and versatile option that consistently delivers excellent results. The oil's high smoke point ensures that my dishes turn out crispy and delicious every time. Its neutral flavor allows the natural taste of the food to shine through without overpowering it. Plus, with its heart-healthy properties, I can indulge in my favorite fried treats guilt-free. UFC Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is a kitchen staple that never disappoints.
Affordable and healthy
Good and healthy choice of oil; my family's go-to oil when cooking. No after taste or smell. Having it in a bottle makes it easier to handle when in the kitchen.
excellent quality! price friendly and long lasting product
Great product!
We've been using this brand since I was a child and even if I'm married now, I'm still using this! It has a lot of benefits! You should switch your oil now!
A Kitchen Essential
It provides a neutral base that allows the flavors of other ingredients to shine and it doesn't overpower the dish.
Household must have
My mom use it, my sister use it, my sister-in-law use it and I use it too. I guess everyone in the family use it that's why for us its a household must have.
A good product
As a baker, we use canola oil for our cakes. The golden fiesta canola oil works best in our cakes compared to other brands. It makes the cake more moist and fluffy. will definitely repurchase it.
Golden Color
Nakailang beses nako magprito gold parin kulay niya. Kaya nakakagana magprito.
This is my persona favorite cooking oil. This is easily to get from any supermarket in my area. I don't have any issue with how does it smell. The color is the same as in the picture. And it helps to cook my meal deliciously taste.
Sulit kasi you can use the same oil twice. You keep the oil for after using it sa prito.
Healthy Oil
I am using canola oil because it is good for the health . I hope the price will a bit low for us who are on budget will still afford to buy this kind of oil.
UFC Canola Oil is the best!
My sister got a lot because of the voucher you sent her so she shared some of the canola oil to me. This is my favorite brand! we love that canola oil is a healthy option and affordable too! My daughter likes my homecooked fried-chicken so we now have enough canola to use. Thanks to my sister for sharing her products! Thanks UFC for the quality oil you produce.
Title product it self
when it comes to price this will suites your pocket. Also, the oil product ingredients is good. Best in exchange with you usual cooking oil, because olive oil if pricey than this product.
Cholesterol Free Oil
Helps me prepare high quality dishes without any compromise on health, because it protects the heart from disease and lower cholesterol.
affordable doesnt burn easily goov for multiple use so long as you strain no taste

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