Sarsaya® Oyster Sauce

4.9 5 0 34 34 Sarsaya<sup>®</sup> Oyster Sauce is a delicious blend of savory-sweet and salty taste made from rich real oyster concentrate and right blend of seasonings and spices that makes stir-fried dishes extra special.
Sarsaya<sup>®</sup> Oyster Sauce


My on the go oyster sauce
This is my on the go marinating mix because you just need 1 sachet and then marinate the chicken overnoght to have a tasty and yummy air fried chicken. The taste was just like store bought chicken inasal. My kids loved it.
My favorite Oyster sauce
One of the best seasoning I've ever used it's always give a new flavor for every dishes specially vegetable dishes, it is a combination of sweet and salty flavor that my family love to eat from vegetable dishes to pancit and adobo.
Malinamnam sa mga lutuin,kaya lagi ko tong ginagamit lalo na sa adobo..try nyo na rin po..
Want to make simple dish taste good?
Simple dishes like stir-fried beans and other vegetables can taste even better by adding this ingredient. I even use this for sauces to give it that additional oomph. It's very momshie-friendly cause it's very affordable.
Happy seasoning
This product really makes your food happier and livelier. The taste of the sarsya really makes the food something great and magical. It is afforable yet tasteful. I would really recommend this for my family friends. A budget friendly seasoning that will makes you happy
Affordable but good
My mom loves cooking and Sarsaya made our ulams extra yummy , even a very simple dish will taste extra and aside from that it is way cheaper than other brands. I really recommend this.
So saya!
Sarsaya completes my recipe sometimes! It just tastes good and perfect! Affordable too! I always buy this! Great taste! I will recommend to my family friends!
Making your dishes more delicious
I am a mom of 3 and as much as possible I reinvent food that my kids would like. This oyster sauce is worth the price and definitely enhances my dishes.
Lutong ulam
S prize okey cya. Sa lasa nalalapit cya s brand n mamahalin bagay s mga gulay o adobo lalo n s tokwa resipe ko masarap cya.
Sarsaya sarsarap oyster sauce
This is a perfect combination for all your vegetable favorites. It makes everything so yummy and flavorful. This is highly recommended.
mas malasa at mas masarap kumpara sa ibang product pero swak sa budget hindi katulad ng ibang brand na mahal
Cheaper Alternative Compared to More Expensive Oyster-Flavored Options
I was surprised by its price point given that it's actually REAL oyster sauce (many are more expensive but are only oyster flavored so no real oysters hehe). The taste is pretty good, it's actually noticeable in dishes. My go-to is its squeezable SKU since it's very convenient to store.
My mother asked me to buy oyster sauce sa tindahan at first hesistant kami gamitin to kasi baka iba lasa ir walang lasa compared sa ginagamit namin talaga. Buuuuuuut! Now eto na yung ginagamit namin lagi. Eto na din binibili namin pag nag ggrocery. Same taste with the leading brand pero mas mura.
Excellent taste
Excellent taste ang simpleng lutuin, nagiging super palatable,
I give it 3 star because of its too much sweetie taste..

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