Knorr Liquid Seasoning Chili

4.9 5 0 91 91 Experience the new Knorr Liquid Seasoning Chili and spice up your favourite dishes, featuring the classic taste of your favourite Knorr Liquid Seasoning, with a spicy kick!
Knorr Liquid Seasoning Chili


Too Much Too Soon
I was amazed they had it with chili! I can make salpicao or mushroom pulutan with it! However, if you or anyone still wants the original flavor, the chili in it was way powerful... I suggest you have a regular flavor without the chili on stand-by to balance. Indeed your fried rice, mushroom, salpicao, ramen - with your flavor of garlic are fantastic pair! Enjoyed it!
If you love spicy condiments
If you love spicy condiments you will definitely love this. On the other side, the liquid seasoning taste doesn't show that much because of the spiciness. If you just want a spicy condiment this is the best for you.
Go to condiment!
One of the admirable qualities of Knorr Liquid Seasoning Chili is its ability to significantly elevate the flavor profile of any dish I prepare. Moreover, this condiment is particularly adept at enhancing the taste of rice, making it an indispensable component of my kitchen arsenal.
Best with hot rice
I haven't tried this yet but my ma said that this is best with hot rice. She likes it and she used to put it on her rice at her work before.
sauce na ulam pa
its the best for me. every i eat i have this. i love to put this on my rice if i dont like to eat ulam. its super delicious
Your flavor on the go.
Your kind of flavor on the go, it is really great to have a seasoning like this, I used this not just for seasoning but also used this as dip or sauce for grilled dishes and also Nilaga, I really liked it. p
This product really makes my dished more delicious. Thank you for added flavor on the foods that I cooked.
Perfect for spicy lovers
This seasoning is a perfect staple for spicy lovers like my husband. But my own preference would be the original one. The spiciness level is great. Would recommend this product.
Makes food yummier
It's got the same original liquid seasoning taste but with a spicy twist. It's yummy and really makes food taste better. I like how spicy it is, not too strong.
Knorr all the way
Knorr seasoning just works very well in all our viands, especially Filipino cuisine. It is good for dipping, marinating and even mixing with rice. Plus the chili added which is extra nice!
Definitely an appetizer
This seasoning really puts your meal on a higher level, it enhances my appetite, no more boring fried ulam when you got this. Say goodbye to a cup of rice and say hello to more lol
The seasoning itself is already a viand! Kidding! I love to add this every time I cook our favorite dishes at home. The food tastes 1000x better if you use this plus you can lessen the salt to those who doesn't prefer a salty taste.
Seasoning for all
Liquid seasoning is a must for cooking. We always use these especially for food with rice. I love it now that they released this product that is perfect for people that enjoy spicy condiments like me
item is very good
item was very flavorful and good for cooking, I love it
my all around seasoning
This is by far my most used condiments sa bahay , for fried rice, grilled foods, even kht sunny side up egg lang. talo talo na basta may seasoning :D and recently i got addicted in using this as an alternative for my sisig tofu . instead of using soysauce. I use this.

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