Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce

5 5 0 74 74 Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce brings the tangy goodness that has the right sweet-sour blend. Made with the finest, 100% real tomatoes, blended with the choicest ingredients to create that rich, flavourful dishes for your loved ones.
Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce


Best for my daily cooking
I've always used this brand. Right mix of sweetness and sourness in a tomato sauce.
Very nice
You can use this for pasta, dishes, and pizza. You can add herbs and seasoning depending on the dish. It can be used in a variety of ways and is like a blank canvas.
You can never go wrong with Del Monte Tomato Sauce, not just for your pasta but also for your tomato-based recipes!
Always in the grocery list
I love tomato-based food and you couldn't go wrong with this product. My mother always opted for this. The price is reasonable, the packaging is very familiar, the sizes are convenient, and the taste is like home.
Praises for Del Monte Tomato Sauce
I'm a tomato lover and that means I love every food that has tomato in, tomato sauce. Del Monte Tomato Sauce is one of the longest and common brand. I thinks it's in the market for along time now because it's really a good one. It make my cooking taste better. I definitely recommend this one.
tomato sauce
when it comes to cooking spaghetti, this is what we always use because it is delicious and its smell is very fragrant. this is one of the things we always buy when we go shopping. thumbs up!
Make dish better
it does wonder on any dish. i really love using this, the tartness and fresh taste from a real tomato
It must be Del Monte
When we need tomato sauce, Del Monte Original Style is our first choice as it has this authentic tomato taste. I love how it tastes and definitely part of out shopping cart all the time.
This is a staple product in our kitchen. It is so convenient to use especially if tomatoes are kinda expensive most of the time.
Top ingredient in our house
We always have this product in our house because we love to cook afritada and we use this tomato sauce. Aside from cooking of our ulam, we also use this in cooking other sauces just like spaghetti and many more.
Forever user
This product has been used by my family for a long...long..time ago eversince I was a kid my mother and my auntie use it for their menudo,kalderta, afritada,mechado, and everything that needs to have tomato sauces. Because of that I'm also an avid user of this product the nice thing about this is that it comes in different packaging (small, medium, and big packaging for handaan) very affordable, the right blend of spices.
Our forever tomato sauce
We have been using this since I dont know when! Grew up with my household using this, now that I have my iwn family, this is what I also use. I trust the brand, and I know its the best in the market.
Convenient size for my cooking needs
1 pack is all I need to add to my pork sinigang (I call it "red" sinigang), it gives an additional tangy taste to the sourness of the broth that my family loves. They would just drink the broth every time I cook this. I find that my sinigang spoils faster when added with fresh tomatoes and my kids actually don't want to eat the tomatoes so it really a waste for me. That's why I use tomato sauce instead.
Perfect with any ulam and fries!
Aside from spaghetti, we also use this tomato sauce in our dishes like (Giniling, Mechado, and Afritada). You can also use this to dip your French fries when you fry them at home.
The Best Tomato Sauce to Any Recipes!
Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce is what makes my sister's spaghetti irresistibly delicious! We choose this Original Style Tomato Sauce because it is easy to add other ingredients to it and blend in the right amount of sugar to get the right sweetness that we want in our spaghetti. You'll never go wrong with this Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce! It has that perfect taste of tomato sauce you're looking for that's easy to mix with any food ideas or recipes you may have in mind. From using it in your pasta dishes like lasagna, baked macaroni cheese and spaghetti to a simple, home-made white bread pizzas to a yummy dinner such as beef casserole. Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce makes your food tastes like those of a high-end restaurants. Why spend your money eating out on an expensive fancy restaurant, when you could cook yourself those yummy food being offered in their menus at the comfort and privacy of your home? Cook like an expert, use Del Monte Tomato sauce!

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