Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce

5 5 0 58 58 Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce brings the tangy goodness that has the right sweet-sour blend. Made with the finest, 100% real tomatoes, blended with the choicest ingredients to create that rich, flavourful dishes for your loved ones.
Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce


Perfect for any ulam and spag also
Perfect for ulam, we use this for menudo, afritada, giniling, puchero, and other dishes and ofcourse, spaghetti. Usually in spag we add nestle cream and cheese for creamier taste and texture.
Number 1 tomato sauce
Everytime I go to grocery I make sure that I have it on my cart. This is my trusted brand when it comes to dished like menudo, afritada etc.
All in one
Di ako nawawalan nito sa bahay. kapag may biglang lulutuin na like gusto spaghetti na kontian lang or caldereta menudo on the go ako jan basta may del monte tomato ketchup ako sa cabinet 🫶
Great for any dishes
We are always undecided what to eat and this Del Monte Tomato sauce is great for any dishes you want to cook, like Filipino spaghetti, Afritada and any dishes that has tomato sauce.
A Pantry Staple
The original-style tomato sauce is a great buy. If you're not yet sure what to cook (afritada, menudo, etc.), just get a couple of packs and store them until needed. You can easily adjust the seasonings to get the desired dish!
Best Filipino tomato sauce brand
Every nanay's partner when it comes to cooking tomato based ulam for the family and super budget friendly. Del Monte is my go to brand especially with my spaghetti and afritada.
Best Tomato Sauce Ever
whether you make spaghetti, Caldereta, Afritada, or Mechado, you'll never go wrong with Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce. It gives these viands a better taste and it is also the most staple tomato sauce in our house.
Brand of choice when it comes to Tomato
Perfect for all dishes with red sauce! i only use Del monte when i comes to tomato sauce because it really gives a perfect mix of the sour and the taste of other spices. Definitely would recommend!
Del Monte Tomato Sauce
For me itong brand lang talaga ginagamit ko when it comes to tomato sauce. Every grocery ko hindi nawawalan nito and yung tomato paste. Kasi purely tomato sauce sya walang water contain and also nag aadd ng spice and color sa food. Madalas kasi ako magluto ng masarsa. Superb tong product na to.
Must have
A must have partnered with spaghetti a buddy to afritada and menudo. It a need in the kitchen aside from cookware set haha good in everything. A sauce that is a have in all house.
Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce
The product adds flavor and delicious sauce to different foods or viand
delmonte tomatorific
i love this sauce it so versatile kahit sa ano mang lutuin itoy nagpapalinamnam
I'm satisfied
The product is very good making spaghetti sauce, its also very good as substitute in any food that requires tomato as an ingredient.
The best tomato sauce!
The best ito lalo na sa mga dishes like menudo, kaldereta, afritada lalo na sa escabeche. Masarap yung sauce lasang-lasa mo yung tomato niya. Best friend na din ng mga pinoy kaya sure na recommended na ito.
for the afritada
my super favorite afritada. super sarap. worth it. mapapa extra rice haha

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