Nissin Butter Coconut Bites

5 5 0 78 78 Delight in sugar-glazed biscuits with a hint of coconut. The biscuits that has won countless international recognition because of its unduplicated taste.
Nissin Butter Coconut Bites


my family loves it
my dad enjoys this biscuit with coffee. we have it as a merienda to have something different. also, it's easy to carry and i didnt encounter anyone who said no when i offer this jn trips.
Yummy little snacks!
A good snack when your outside. I wish it has more inside the pack though.
super yummy!!
These are so tasty. These cookies were my favorite from childhood. Great crunchiness! The Coconut flavor stands out. Great that it is now available in bite-size!
My husband and daughter's fave
My husband and daughter loves this for snack. We always have this on our grocery list! Biscuit is crunchy and can be enjoyed by toddlers also. I do recommend this to everyone! Pretty much worth it to have in your snack stash.
Mabenta ito sa mga Puppies!!
Masarap at crunchy! Mura lang naman itong product na ito so pwede na. Gustong gusto ng furbaby ko. Madami akong binibili para sa kin at para sa kanya hahaha! gusto din ng mga pamangkin ko!
kids favorite
me and my kids always have this wherever we go.its our on the go food.i always have stomach upset whenever i forgot to eat on time so i always have this in my bag going to work so that i can eat wherever i am.must recomment to people who are always on the go.
Butter Coconut Bites
Nare-recall ko nung highschool ako sa province namin itong butter coconut yung pa rectangle na size pa lagi kasama sa grocery namin plus c2 juice. Super solve na solve kami then up to now gusto ko tong biscuit even baby ko gusto din to kasi yung pagka crispy nya sa ibabaw then yung pag crack ng biscuit super satisfying.
Coconut feels in a snack
I tasted it habang nagbabantay Ng mga pinsan at pamangkin. Why only kids tasted this delicious food. Kaya need ko always matikamn, Di na ako makkikiagaw now. I need to buy and always include in the to buy.
OG Snack
This is so gooood!!! I really love everything about this. The taste, the texture, just everything. Go to whenever I wanna munch on something. Would totally recommend it to people. You have to taste this!
fav coco
myyyyyy super ultimate fav nabili ako nito noon pangbaon sa school ngayong malaki nako pambaon namn sa office kung fav mo to for sure batang 90's ka
Laging nasa cart namin to pag naggrocery kami. Masarap siya pwedeng kainin anytime. Nagustuhan din ito ng panganay ko. Na-sad lang slight dahil yung sugar niya ay nabawasan na unlike dati. Pero okay lang palagi pa din kaming bibili nito.
favorite snack
This is what my mom buys for me pag nasa grocery. and Until now i always eat this the taste didn't change. I always partner mine with coffee . sobrang sarap nito and affordable
My Go to Snack
I soo love this biscuit this has been my go to snack since my college days up until now that I am already working this butter coconut has always my go to snack wherever I am
Butterylicious Cocosnack!
Butterylicious Cocosnack! It will give you a mouthfull and delightfull experience to every bite the taste of the butter that will leave you speechless and the flavor of fresh coconuts that will take you back in the life of your childhood
Good snacks
This is one of my favorite snacks. It has a sweet taste that you won't let go. Best pair with my favorite coffee.

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