Pocky Cookies & Cream

5 5 0 34 34 Chocolate biscuit stick coated with milk flavor confectionery and crushed cookies. The light texture of the baked pretzel and the rich chocolate coating makes it delightfully delicious.
Pocky Cookies & Cream


Super love of my children
Very nice product especially to those who love this kind of foods that can comfort them especially with our kids! No too sweet and very affordable to buy for your kids even adults!
Picky C&C
It's very delicious. My nephew love it. Very recommendable.
This tastes delicious and good as a light snack. It’s not too sweet and can be a snack for all ages. Sometimes I feel like a pack is not enough. It is a must buy.
Pocky Cookies & Cream
Delicious and creamy snack with a crisp biscuit stick center, We get them every time we're at the grocery store they have many flavors very delicious.
Kids love them
The first time I tried them was a Korean holiday called Pepero Day. Pepero (빼빼로) Day is held annually on November 11, and is an observance in South Korea similar to Valentine's Day. Pepero day is the biggest Day-marketing event in South Korea in the year. It involves the gifting or exchange of Pepero snacks, a line of chocolate-dipped cookie sticks, with the intention of displaying affection for friends and loved ones. It is held on this day due to the resemblance of Pepero sticks, which are vertical that mirror the shortened date of 11/11.[1] Pepero Day means "Day to convey love and friendship," and has been reborn as a global day recognized by people around the world. After that, I have shared the love and tradition to my kids.
Light snack
This kind of snack is my go-to snack whenever i feel stressed. The taste is not too sweet and i can taste real cookies and cream and not just an artificial flavoring.
Gusto ng mga bata masarap hnd ganun katamis
Gusto ng mga bata masarap hnd gnun katamis .. lagi ko to nbili e ery mag grogrocery kme
My to go snack
Pocky has always been my favorite to go snack even at home or at work. I always have stocks at home because I really love it. It’s perfect during watching movies or even when Im just scrolling through my phone.
My go to buy at 7-eleven!
I always buy this and it's actually my favorite flavor of Pocky! Because it's cookies and cream!!! I love this!!! The flavor make it thick next time!!!! I will recommend!!!!!!!!
Pocky Cookies and cream
I love this brand and flavor. It's very delicious, mildly sweet and very crunchy too. I can't stop eating this, very addictive snack. It's also worth the price. I definitely 100% recommend this to people who have sweet tooth like me.
cookies and cream on a stick
Its unlike the usual chocolate or strawberry coated pocky. The texture and taste is there but its a bit messy to eat kasi mas marami ang crumbs.
Best Snack ever!
It's perfect for snacking on the go, you can have it anywhere you want, not too sweet and it has variety of flavors that you could really enjoy i.e (five flavors include chocolate, strawberry, chocolate banana, cookies and cream, and matcha.)
You shouldn't miss it!
Can't go grocery shopping without this in our cart. The kids will automatically get it by themselve for themselve. Other kids might get busy playing cellphone mine would be busy munching these goodies!!!
This is perfect
The kids and adult love this ....tastes so good
cookies and cream lover
Its sweets in small portions just a nice little snack after having my meal. I loved Pocky even before and cookies and cream flavor. I now have a new favorite.

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