3 5 0 89 89 Mcvities Digestive Twists Chocolate Chip and Caramel Bits are cocoa wheatmeal biscuits with chocolate chips and caramel pieces. Think of a cross between a chocolate chip cookie and a digestive with a caramel twist!
McVitie's Digestives Twists Chocolate Chip & Caramel Biscuits 276g
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Digestive with a twist
They make a nice change/twist to standard digestives but feel that they are not worth the price.
Tea and biscuits anyone?
Every week we take it in turns in the office to get the newest or oddest cookies for our hot beverages. I bought these with high expectations being the biggest biscuit brand in the UK and using the word digestives is like an angel singing to me. We all tried one without the dunking for the first round, the texture was of a normal biscuit, the taste didnt exactly explode in our mouths but it was enough to fill a spot. The next biscuit was the ultimate test, the dunker. We all agreed this made the biscuit a lot more enjoyable and we would've happily have finished the pack right there! In conclusion do not expect the same digestive taste from this biscuit and always have a tea to hand.
I'm sorry, but these were revolting. There is a horrible chemical taste to them. I only ate one of them. Which as a biscuit lover is really saying something.
Nothing exciting
They're cookies, they're nice and suitable to be dipped into tea.. But to be honest I'd rather buy the cheap supermarket own choc chip cookies, or even plain digestiv s. These feel like a wast of money
Not as tasty as expected
We were looking forward to trying these but sadly they didn't live up to our expectations. We were hoping for that distinctive digestive taste with the added choc chip and caramel flavours but they were rather bland with an odd texture. Even dunking them in tea didn't help! We wont be buying these again unfortunately
Great Taste
Great taste, Great with a cuppa. Nice twist on a classic.
Really good biscuit
These are really good and so much nicer than a normal digestive. They are smaller as well which means you can have more!
They are ok, not as nice as other cookie type biscuits though and are much better dunked in a coffee as they are quite dry. Disappointed in the size and amount of chocolate chips.
Hmmm not sure on these
Quite dry and crumbly with a strange texture but couldn't stop eating them once opened
Tried these when they were on offer and really liked them. I think I ended up eating the full pack on the first go! I do like to try new products and liked how these had a bit of chocolate in but they’re werent lathered in it. I would buy again when not on offer.
Chocolate chip biscuit
These are a nice enough biscuit but I did not get any caramel flavour. They are enjoyable but not what I expected from them. A normal chocolate digestive would have gone down better.
Lovely taste to them but so crumbly!! Make a lot of mess.
Dry and just a bit weird
I expected to really enjoy these. On the face of it, they contain many things I love, but here the single ingredients are worth more than the sum of its parts. Dry, a little small, and a bit pointless.
Not convinced...
I had high hopes for these but was actually a little disappointed. Looks don’t bother me as at the end of the day you are only eating it, I found the taste wasn’t distinctive to the description and they actually had a strange taste... we still got through the full packet but I think more because they were sat there rather than actually wanting them!
Nice biscuits
Lovely biscuits! These biscuits are so good and taste amazing too! Could eat a whole packet! Love dipping them in a cup of tea!

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