4.2 5 0 27 27 The Monumental Lentil Lentils are high in protein and a source of fibre and iron, the perfect ingredient to make chips PROPER. Proper. Small word, big ambition. Our snack obsession started with popcorn. Inspired by a popcorn maker my dad gave me, we made our first batches of PROPERCORN in a refashioned cement mixer - and we've been perfecting delicious flavours and combinations ever since.
Proper Chips Salt & Vinegar Lentil Chips
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Tried these thinking they would be as good as the bbq but they weren’t
Healthy alternative
Nice healthy alternative compared to other brands.
Wouldn't buy them again
Thought I would try something different and was disappointed, didn't smell great and tasted very salty
A tastes of the seaside
Yummy I could of ate the lot they are very salty topped with lovely quality vinegar
Go to when on a diet
When I'm out and about these are my go-to when I fancy a snack. I tend to find the available in my shops and know that this is something I can eat while still staying on plan with my diet. I'm a bit of a plain Jane so really love the salted ones still full of flavour.
I think these are lovely. Perfectly crisp and full of flavour they are a great alternative to traditional potato crisps.
I did not like it very much, the taste of vinegar is too noticeable, vinegar and salt are not my combination, I do not recommend
Extremely dry and the taste of salt and vinegar is a terrible combination
Love vinegar
I really love salt and vinegar crisps. This is one of my favourite
Never tried before but they were delish love the yummy taste and strong flavour so will be purchasing again 💖
Great taste without the calories
I love lentil crisp in general, but these taste even more great! The salt and vinegar flavour really burst your tastebuds. I could eat bags of these and it is all guilty free without the calories in comparison to crisps.
Give the feel of a healthier alternative
Tried these as I have enjoyed other products in the range, they gave the feeling that they were healthier alternative to my normal crisp choice. The flavour was strong which I enjoyed and they were good value.
Delicious crunchy
This are very tasty so perfect for snacking and healthy too. For me taste better than normal crisps. My fave flavours is BBQ. Worth trying it
I love these , they’re the perfect snack to have , personally salt and vinegar is my favourite flavour! I do like the bbq ones too. Very light snack and low in fat too! highly recommend
Proper chips
These are the best flavour out of the range. I do like the bar-b-q and the ready salted. Highly recommended.

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