4.9 5 0 152 152 Are you a cruncher or a melter? Your favourite <b>Wotsits</b> are now supersized! Do you like to nibble those smooth, round edges? Or let them gently dissolve in your mouth? Or maybe you live life on the edge... start off with melting and then take a Bite. However you snaffle a Wotsit, it''s always deliciously cheesy.
Walkers Wotsits Giants Cheese Crisps
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Walkers Wotsits Giants Cheese Crisps
Walkers Wotsits Giants Cheese Crisps are fantastic. The bag sizes is good for sharing and sometimes not for sharing. The big sizes wotsit is great. I like to lick the cheese flavour off and then suck on the stick or eat them with dips or just in their own. Depends on my mood good treat and nice and cheesy. Recommend more cheesy flavour as I like the flavour that much.
Great taste!
I love Wotsits so couldn’t wait to give these a try, and they’re great! Really cheesy, moreish flavour that I couldn’t stop going back for. I felt they’re a bit more salty than regular wotsits so definitely best for sharing, but I’m sure I’ll be buying them again!
Wow, these are amazing. I like standard size Wotsists so to be able to now get giant ones, I am absolutely in love. Thank you Walkers for making these fabulous shareable treats.
All gone too soon
So my l.o. wanted to be the voice of the review. " I love the fact these are massive but the pack seems to have less compared to what's in the regular size. we shared this in the park and was gone too quickly. "
Have always loved wosits and now they are bigger perfect snackng food great for kids and adults and chilling in front TV at movie nights would so recommend to try they are yummy
love these
If you love wotsits you will love these giant ones, great finger food for toddlers too.
I cried a little
My only question is why did it take so long to make these giant? They are so good. So good. I can die happy.
These are great fun, taste just like the normal size but giant! It would be easy to eat 4/5 and then that’s enough for a sitting so the bag lasts a while!
Bigger is better
yummy. Q: How can you make Wotsits better than they already are? A: Make them bigger. :) These giants Wotsits give you even more cheesy satisfaction than the originals. Just as cheesy and 10 x better.
More please
One of my favourite crisps 😍 I have keep them in my drawer all the time for a snack time for myself and my family, definitely one of the cheesiest crisp, best melted in your mouth, delicious!!
I love these
These crisps take the joy of regular wotsits and multiply it by 10. I love these so much and find them incredibly satisfying. I’ve shared these with my partner and mother and they are both obsessed with them!
Wotsit lover
These are the product to look for if you love wotsits. I remember having them as a child and they've brought them back out! They have a cheese explosion in your mouth! Would highly recommend
Bigger better crunch
I absolutely love watsits anyway but these are even better, fully of the same delicious cheesy flavour but with a bigger crunch. Thumbs up from me
These are yummy they have lovely taste to them and just right amount of flavouring to them . You get plenty of them in a pack you feel satisfied after eating these and they leave a pleasant after taste ... you should give these a try .... highly recommended to anyone ...
Cheesy wotsits
Got to be the best crisp out there! Soo moorish! And the kids loved them too definitely be purchasing again :)

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