4-1/2 in. Staple Safety Hasp Zinc Plated

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4-1/2 in. Staple Safety Hasp Zinc Plated


Works Well
The 4-1/2 in. Staple Safety Hasp Zinc Plated works well and is sturdy than I expected. The size is a perfect fit. This was very easy to install. I was able to install on my own and it did not take long. I would recommend this product.
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Budget Security
If your looking for a quality security latch for your home, garage, or toolbox, this one beats the competition in many aspects. First and foremost you can feel the quality of the safety hasp. Then your eye catches the zinc coating helping to prevent any rust from forming. The function and movement of the hasp is smooth and accomplished with ease. Overall this one is a recommended buy for all the right reasons.
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I was worried that this safety latch was not going to durable or strong because I am unfamiliar with zinc and it did not seem to have much weight to it but boy was I wrong! I used it as the latch on the outside of my she shed for my new lock and then I put it to the test. the 2 latches I tried prior to this one I was able to manipulate somehow into twisting and bending allowing me to by pass the lock but as hard as I tried was unable to get this one to budge! will recommend!
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Sturdy safety hasp
This works great with a padlock. It's sturdy and heavy for a safety hasp. It doesn't wobble or feel like it could be easily bent. It can be used inside or out. Right now we have it inside but will probably get another one for the outside fence with a pin.
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Used as lock
I really enjoyed using this. It helped me make a lock on my barn door. It helps keep any animals or people out . Thank you so much for allowing me to use this product. I really enjoy this alot.
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Exactly what I Needed.
The Hyper Tough Stable Safety Hasp couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I’m having a storage barn/shed built in my backyard yard. It’s perfect for keeping my things safe and secure. It comes with a padlock eye and mounting screws. It’s durable and super easy to install. It also works great for drawers, and doors.
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Wow! Deff worth it!
Sooo I have cats and they’re always getting into my cabinets, especially the ones with chemicals. So this has deff made a difference in my house and much safer for my pets! I recommend this for anyone with nosey Pete and small children, it’s deff worth it for their safety!
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Safety Hasp
The safety hasp does exactly what it is designed to do. It keeps my door secured and insures that no outsiders can enter. I recommend to family and friends.
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