4.8 5 0 75 75 Have some great-tasting dipping fun with the Original LIK-M-AID FUN DIP pouches. With games included inside, this makes a cool gifting item or stocking stuffer at the Holidays. • Includes Lik-M-Aid FUN DIP in Cherry Yum Diddly Dip and RazzApple Magic Dip with an edible stick • Great stocking stuffer • No artificial flavors
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Lik N dip
I've loved this candy since I was little. It taste good and it's fun to eat for all ages. Yes I'd refer to a friend or family member.
Fun Dip Yum!
Still a fun, yummy treat for all ages! And it's always fresh.
Goodie bag Must-Have
This is an essential for the children's goodie bags during the holiday season. The kids love them!!
Great for gift bags
I always buy these for each holiday for the pto class party’s! The kids love them they are always a hit
Fun Dip
Best Candy Ever!!! Nothing like Fun Dip... You can dip em in anything!!!
Christmas Fun Dip
Delicious and tasty. Especially love this product. Only negative was a green tongue.
Love it!
I've been eating fun dips since I was kid. Love them especially the dipping stick. They make great stocking stuffers.
Fun to Dip!
Who doesn’t love a good fun dip? It colors your tongue, taste like sugar, and you get to eat the dipping stick. These are great stocking stuffers or something to be handed out at a Christmas parade. My favorite flavor is cherry.
This is one of the prefect gifts to put in a stocking stuffer because it has all the fun products that the kids love also it is just another great product label Fun Dip and the packaging is so Christmas like
Great stocking stuffer
This is a great stocking stuffer for both children and adults! I have given this to my children every Christmas since they were 5 or 6 years old.
Christmas magic
Fun Dip takes me back to my childhood! I have loved that sweet and tart cherry flavor for many years! Now my kid love the fun from Fun Dip!!
Nothing like fun dip
Who dosent love fun dip!! My kids and I enjoyed this immensely. Cherry was my favorite. Not gonna lie I traded my apples to the kids for their cherry flavored ones. Nothing like taking pictures of our tonges when done to see the variety of colors left. Great christmas memories!!
Fun dip
I love love love these. They are one of my very favorites!! Great taste and fun to eat!
Good, good very very good would buy again if i had to
Omg the best
These are the best ever! I love the Christmas flavors! I buy these for the kids stocking stuffers and for their class treat bags but I end up sneaking them out of their stockings and having to replace them before Christmas! They're just so good! Makes me remember the good days when I was just a kid with no worries other than feeling like I would die before Christmas came lol!

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