Christmas Fun Dip Fun Book Cherry Yum Diddly Dip & RazzApple Magic Dip

4.8 5 0 238 238 Have some great-tasting dipping fun with the Original LIK-M-AID FUN DIP pouches. With games included inside, this makes a cool gifting item or stocking stuffer at the Holidays. • Includes Lik-M-Aid FUN DIP in Cherry Yum Diddly Dip and RazzApple Magic Dip with an edible stick • Great stocking stuffer • No artificial flavors
Christmas Fun Dip Fun Book Cherry Yum Diddly Dip & RazzApple Magic Dip


My baby loves this
Every christmas they get a box of these just brings me back to the older days when I was young loved to see everyone's tongue to see what color they had. I still love these things!
Christmas favorite
I get these every year for our stockings. Not just for the kids , but also the adults. Cute packaging, candy favorite. Perfect for stuffing stockings. Love the candy stick and the flavor powder never disappoints. Only thing we all wish for more powder.
Fun Dip
I ate these as a kid and my kids eat them too. And they love them just like I did.
Fun dippers
I love this candy its sweet and tart all in one candy and the dip sticks are delicious to can be messy to eat but its worth it.
Perfect Stocking Stuffer
I am a preschool teacher who is always looking for a fun reward or stocking stuffer for my students! I bought these to share with my kiddos. They enjoyed being able to enjoy the fun dip and I enjoyed that the packaging was not too difficult for tiny hands. Would definitely purchase again seasonally!
FunDip Deliciousness!
Who doesn't like Fun? Sweetly sour yummy candy powder that comes with it's own "edible spoon"... what more can you ask for? My five year old loved it! I love the nostalgia factor... it's a product I had growing up, and it's still around for my children today! Standing the test of time! Trusted brand, still putting smiles on children's faces!
It is amazing, I had used this for my child's birthday party
Childhood Favorite
These have always been one of my favorite candies. I use to give these out as valentines every year, I'm glad I can put them in my christmas gift bags and stockings now with the cute packaging. So delicious, my favorite part is the stick.
Kids love it
Kids love the flavor. Great stocking stuffer. Would definitely recommend
Child good favorite
Me and my daughter loves getting the value packs and sharing them. Our favorite is the cherry and apple ones.
Amazing Fun Dip
I am abscessed with Fun Dip Cherry and Razzleberry! Those two flavors are my absolute favorite flavors. You can either mix them together or eat them apart and you won't stop eating till it is all gone.
Fun Dip is the best!
I love the taste, texture and everything else about fun dip!
I love candy and highly recommended this product my kids love them too.
Love these
I just love fun dip. I buy it on every Holiday they release it.
Good old Days
My kids loved these. Too sweet for me, but I grew up with these. Such a classic. It is cool to still see these made.

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