Christmas Fun Dip Fun Book Cherry Yum Diddly Dip & RazzApple Magic Dip

4.8 5 0 277 277 Have some great-tasting dipping fun with the Original LIK-M-AID FUN DIP pouches. With games included inside, this makes a cool gifting item or stocking stuffer at the Holidays. • Includes Lik-M-Aid FUN DIP in Cherry Yum Diddly Dip and RazzApple Magic Dip with an edible stick • Great stocking stuffer • No artificial flavors
Christmas Fun Dip Fun Book Cherry Yum Diddly Dip & RazzApple Magic Dip


Sweet tooth's dream candy
My sister in-law LOVES fun dip. I always make sure to stuff her stocking with these Christmas Fun Dips every year! They're pretty tasty!
For non chocolate kids
Neither of my kids are big chocolate eaters. They prefer gummy, fruitful sour and sugary candy. I used to love these when I was a child and I was very excited to share that with my own children. Thanks for the memories.
Love this product
I just love this product. It's not only good but it's also fun to eat. It keep my kids interested while they eat it. The flavors are great as well.
So Tasty!
This candy is my favorite. It's very tasty, but also very unique!! It's so fun for my child to snack on, and let's him get creative. It's such a fun candy to eat!
So nostalgic
I don't think that fun dip necessarily the most tasty treat but it definitely reminds me of childhood and how much fun I had eating it when I was a kid. I do think it's a great idea for something to send with kids to give as small gifts to their friends.
Fun For Christmas Staff Stockings
I saw this Fun Dip and immediately bought it for our Business Office Christmas stockings! They were a huge hit. The flavor is not great (at least to me as an adult), but the nostalgia is phenomenal. My team had such a great time reminiscing about childhood and the ice cream truck. Word got out because the Valentine Fun Dip was distributed organization wide on Valentines Day!
Kids love
My Kids love these fun dips. Let’s me honest I do also. It’s so fun to dip the stick Into the powder and get the taste of the stick and powder. My kids said that the love the taste so much!
Sugar rush!!
Fun dip was amazing as a child. My siblings and I would get be able to buy it at the snack stand at our neighborhood pool. So with already wet hands, you could use the sugar stick or not and be able to swim the day away fully loaded on sugar! Also with the giant pixie sticks that were taller than some of my friends! Love the powder candy era! Yummmmmmy!!
Kids Love Them
Bought these for my child’s class Christmas party and they were a huge hit! Fun for the kids to be able to have the stick to dip in the powder! They thought they were awesome! Would definitely recommend as a fun treat for school age children!
Fun to use
This is a great old favorite I have enjoyed for many years. I personally prefer handing out fun things for people to enjoy eating this is one of them
Perfect Stocking Stuffers
FUN-DIPS are my favorite ever since I was a kid and now I absolutely buy them for Birthday Parties plus they make Perfect Christmas Stocking Stuffer. I absolutely love that the company has not changed the product's flavors nor design. This candy is just PERFECT!!!
Hands down that this is one of the best snacks that I have tried, it is always fresh tasting never stale. Comes in a convenient little package of it's own which makes taking these on the go a breeze.
I love these. They are something nice to give little kids in gift bags.
Still The Same
The same sugar covered, sugar stick goodness as when I was a child... My children love them just the same as I did when I was little. I would definitely recommend this for parents who don't mind an overly hyper child.
Stocking stuffers
These are perfect for the kids stocking for Christmas, except the fact the go crazy on a sugar high after eating them. They are sweet and tarte kinda like pixie stix. I would definitely recommend them, they are my favorite candy

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