4.8 5 0 194 194 Have some great-tasting dipping fun with the Original LIK-M-AID FUN DIP pouches. With games included inside, this makes a cool gifting item or stocking stuffer at the Holidays. • Includes Lik-M-Aid FUN DIP in Cherry Yum Diddly Dip and RazzApple Magic Dip with an edible stick • Great stocking stuffer • No artificial flavors
Christmas Fun Dip Fun Book Cherry Yum Diddly Dip & RazzApple Magic Dip
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Son riquísimos
Productos deliciosos me encantan un dulce riquísimo
Estan ricos a mis hijos les gusto mS las de cherry
Kids love it.
Wonderful treat for kids, and adults also! We usually buy extra because my kids love them. The flavors was amazing and enough to share with friends and family. I would recommend.
Great for Christmas
This particular fun dip product I found out in the stores around Christmas. I gifted it along with other items to a family member. She absolutely loved the different flavors of fun dip. It is a bit messy for younger children, and keep in mind the candy stick can easily break.
Love love love
Fun Dip definitely takes me back to when I was younger. The sour balanced with the flavor of the stick is just perfection. I think if there can be a way for it to not be as messy that would we great!
Perfect for gift toppers
Who doesn’t love fun dip? I put them on top of every gift for to/from labels (with a little sweetness) :)
Yummy candy!
I love these and have recently let my kids try these as well! They love them too and keep trying to devour the box so that's definitely a yes in their book. I love the many different flavors they come in as well!
totally reminds me of my childhood, will stain your fingers, lips, and tongue in the best possible way. super sweet and pretty tart. all fun dip flavors are great, but green is objectively the best. not apple, just green.
Kid and adult approved!
I got this for my children and my Daycare kiddos for Christmas I would not recommend this for 2 and younger because of the stick breaking but how fun it was to use for learning. We did test like how many licks to finish the stick and what would be gone first? The stuck or the powder? We also experimented with dipping other candy in the powder. Dumb dumbs was the top pick for dipping. Endless learning possibilities for hours of fun.
Favorite through the generations
They used to be one of my favorite candy as a kid, now I have 2 boys of my own, and they both love them too. They get some, for Christmas in their stockings, they both woke up to a box each for Valentine's day and it's a absolute necessity in their Easter baskets
Fun to dip :)
I love these and have loved them since I was a kid. It is nice to have a stick to keep your hands clean while eating. I gave it 4 stars because I feel the stick is too hard. I understand it has to be hard to withstand the moisture but even after the powder is gone the stick is almost tooth break hard to take a bite out of. It is also my favorite part but hurts my teeth.
Great stocking stuffers
Great for Christmas stocking stuffers. Kids absolutely love getting them and great taste! Packaging was great and durable and easy to open.
This has been my favorite candy since I was a kid, now as an adult I still love it
bagged colored suga
Great fun dips have been around since I was a little girl and still enjoy them. Fresh taste, great holiday fillers. The powder should really be put in a a zip bag. Recommend by myself and from children
Fun Dip
Have been enjoying Fun Dip since a kid. Great taste.

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