Jolly Rancher Fruity Sours

4.7 5 0 458 458 Perfect for snacking at home, work, school, and on the go. Flavors include watermelon, raspberry, green apple, and cherry. Chewy sour candies are a fat-free, cholesterol-free candy.
Jolly Rancher Fruity Sours


Wont make you pucker but still packs a sweet punch
It wont kill your taste buds but still packs a sweet and sour punch of delight
Love them
Amazing we love these. Adults and children in my home all loved this product. We have already purchased more.
My favorite flavor of these is watermelon it’s the best.
Your mouth will be confused by that familiar Jolly rancher candy flavor with a new texture. All the taste you love in gummy form. These are great, fruity, and bright. They just don't take as long to enjoy ;)
I love this candy very tasty. Enjoyed an consumed the whole bag. Will an have brote more. Shared with family now they steal mine. Make bigger bag.Lol
Taste pretty good
These are good tasting and full of flavor but you had better like sour because they really are!!
These are so great. Very flavorful with a slight sourness. Chewy, ooey, and gooey! These are prefect for movie nights or just to have a quick snack. I would recommend these!
Wonderful flavor
My kids LOVE Jolly Ranchers. It's one of the hardest things for them to give up when they get braces on. So, when I found these Jolly Rancher gummies, they were thrilled. The flavors are just as they remembered and they absolutely love them.
These candies are so delicious!
I have purchased these delicious candies several times and I love them! The Jolly Rancher Fruity Sour candies taste exactly like what you would expect the Jolly Rancher brand to taste like after having the original Jolly Rancher hard candies with the perfect amount of sourness added! The only thing I dislike about these candies is that I can't stop eating them!
Jolly ranchers sour gummies
I think these are really good,they have that long lasting flavor of jolly ranchers,in a juicy sweet sour taste. They are great.I always have bought jolly ranchers,the hard ones for years.Im so glad they made them in a gummie.I love them.I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
The great Jolly rancher boom they did it again amazing
When you just saw that it wouldn’t get any better boom they did it this is a wonderful candy and a satisfying taste the sour apple is amazing
I love these gummies! They're just what your taste buds are looking for when you want something that is fruity , sweet and tangy.
Great snack
Good my grandkids love them.I buy all the time for after school snacks
I like it sour
The Jolly Rancher Sour Chews are tasty, although they're a little sour, like a warhead. They had the same sour and chewy flavor of the original Jolly Ranchers. They've become one of my favorite types of sweets. They're good if you enjoy sour foods; as I ate them, my mouth felt like it was locking up.
My friend had these recently and I tried them. Wow!!! They are just as delicious as the hard candy with a lot of flavor!! The sour is just right. Not too sour and not weak! Love them!!!!

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