Jolly Rancher Fruity Sours

4.7 5 0 482 482 Perfect for snacking at home, work, school, and on the go. Flavors include watermelon, raspberry, green apple, and cherry. Chewy sour candies are a fat-free, cholesterol-free candy.
Jolly Rancher Fruity Sours


This product is now my top 5 favorite candies! They taste amazing and have the right consistency. They are not too hard to chew or stick to your teeth.
Love this!!
These are addicting. I eat these so often and they are the perfect amount of sour
Pretty good!
I recently bought these from the store and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. I loved the amount of sourness that each piece had. They are great to snack on during a busy work day!
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Fell in love with these
I am a huge fan of Jolly rancher. I tried these on a whim and am so happy that I did! The flavor is that of a jolly rancher, but the outside sour coat is not rough and coats the flavor well. It is a soft coat and isn't a over powering sour flavor. Unlike sour patch kids where it is very sour, these have a mild sour impact. It is just having a jolly rancher but with an extra coating that enhances the flavor. I have eaten a bag in one sitting and continue to crave it. I thought the texture would take me away, but it didn't. So yummy!
Super sour
Jolly Rancher Fruity Sours are a perfect candy for anyone who loves a sweet and sour flavor. The hard candies come in a variety of fruit flavors and pack a punch of sourness that's sure to delight your taste buds. The small size of the candies makes them perfect for snacking on-the-go, making them a great option for road trips or hiking. Overall, a delicious and fun candy that's perfect for any sour candy lover.
Jolly Rancher fruity sours is a bag of sour candies that are gummy and well sour. They have watermelon, blue raspberry, green apple and cherry flavor. If you’re a fan of sour candies you have to try these.
Jolly Ranchers Blue the Best for You To!
Jolly Ranchers are Delicious, they have great flavor to all of them. In there hard candy,gummies, and even popsicles. Everyone in my house will tell you that the blue raspberry is there favorite. How about you?
Jolly Ranchers sours
Jolly Ranchers did great with new sours!!! They have gummy’s, hard candy’s and many more different kinds of it. I love sours and Jolly Ranchers are my favorite kind and you guys should definitely try it.
Sour the better
Me and the kids love stopping and getting treats when we travel and no stop is complete with our sour jolly's. This is a treat that the whole family loves.
I love them
I love them alot I ate them every day n I want to ate some right now I just have to wait till I go to the store again to buy some more
My new Favorite Candy
I discovered these candies while at the gas station a couple months ago. They quickly became my new favorite candy to buy and consume. They aren't too sour, but are sweet enough to keep you eating more and more. If you haven't tried Jolly Ranchers Sours, give it a go. You won't be disappointed.
Very Sour
Sour candy is the best. Jolly rancher stepped up their game on these. Very sour but the best taste. Can't go wrong with Jolly Rancher.
Great candy
These are a yummy snack that my whole family enjoys. They’re the perfect size to travel with or just for a fun yummy treat to have at home.
If you love Jolly Ranchers, these are for you. I sometimes don't want the hard candy and I can share these with my kids. Great for on the go. Even just a pick me up snack for at home. Great texture not too sour without taking away from the taste itself.

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