Fun Dip Valentine's Day Candy

4.8 5 0 649 649 Fun Dip fills the mouth with tasty powder that’s irresistible, sugary, sweet, and sour. Open up a candy assortment of 22 pouches and cards tucked into this Valentine's Day boxed candy pack. Fun Dip is one of the sweets candy lovers look forward to, so you can't go wrong with dropping a pouch into a gift bag or candy bag.
Fun Dip Valentine's Day Candy


This tastes ok. It’s pretty sweet. The packaging is a bit difficult to work with. The powder candy is fun.
Personally I accidently inhaled some of the powder and it was a horrible experment
Fun dip
Good size to hand out at holidays(valentines) to kids/grandkids classes. Even have spot to add from and to so saves money on buying the cards. What kid doesn’t love fun dip. Great flavors.
Buy it every year!
I absolutely LOVE this product. I always buy it and share it as well. The flavor is wonderful. The portion size could be a pinch bigger. But that never stops me from purchasing it!
Childhood memories at its best!
Fun dips will never go out of style. My childhood memories are shared with my children still today. We have fun eating our Fun Dips while sharing stories or making funny faces to each other while enjoying the rich flavors that it has to offer. Each year I buy these to give out for Valentine’s Day to the students at school. They always look forward to getting them. I just love them lots!!
Yum yum yum ..,,,,,
Fun dip…I always loved this as kid and obviously now as a adult!!!
Kids Love Em
Fun Dip is a classic sugary candy treat. These are small packets of them that are just right for a holiday treat for kids. The flavors are really tasty. The fact that they change color is really fun and an extra surprise. How can you resist pure sugar?
Kid candy
Really good candy my kids love it. U he go in friendship because
Fun Dip will always satisfy my sweet tooth. I really love the candy stick that comes with it. I could eat that just by itself lol! Such a fun treat!
A favorite!
I bought these this past Valentine's Day for my 3 school aged children. They requested their Valentines to share with their class be these. I'll probably buy them again for next Valentine's Day !
Who needs a valentine when you have these? They are delicious! You will be a hit if you bring these on valentine's day.
We ate these all the time as a kid! They are still fun to eat. I buy them every year for Halloween.
A personal favorite as I was a kid. I love getting these for my kiddos to share with their friends. It’s a guaranteed smile! I hope this product is around for a long long time to come!
Fun dip
All of my kids loves the fun dip candy. I keep them on hand all the time because they make perfect for rewards for the kids.
These fun dip packets are some of THE best candies! the flavors literally make your mouth water! my favorite has to be… all of them!

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