Fun Dip Valentine's Day Candy

4.9 5 0 485 485 Fun Dip fills the mouth with tasty powder that’s irresistible, sugary, sweet, and sour. Open up a candy assortment of 22 pouches and cards tucked into this Valentine's Day boxed candy pack. Fun Dip is one of the sweets candy lovers look forward to, so you can't go wrong with dropping a pouch into a gift bag or candy bag.
Fun Dip Valentine's Day Candy


The kids loved these
I purchased this pack for neighbors children, they just loved them. Seemed to really like the "blue one". Will buy again for them.
Pure Sugar
I used to love these as a kid and the valentine's were always a big hit in my class. I will say the blue funds will turn your mouth blue/green for a while.
Big hit for Valentine's Day
Big hit for daughter's Valentine's party. Doubles as a gift and card, as there is a little spot to write to and from.
Fun dip valentines= happy kids
My kids wanted these every year!!! We had to move fast to buy them too bc they would sell out of them quickly. Whomever thought of this idea was a smart person. They are tasty and fun and all the kids want one. My kids never had any leftover after taking them to school. I highly recommend these.
Used to eat these when I was a child, now my nieces like them, they are ok every now and then for a treat
Kids Love
This is my go to for Valentine's Day treats for students. They always love it. It can get messy, but it is enjoyed.
Amazing Throwback
I bought these for my I'm buying them for the grandchildren...full circle!
I grew up eating these as children, now I can give my children. They always loved getting these. Good flavors in strawberry. Simple fun.
New treat
My little ones just loved these treats. It was really something new that their friends had never seen before. Great idea.
Love these!
These are always a hit on any Valentine day party for the kiddos. Great flavor great packaging. My children are always requesting these even for their own consumption!
I buy this for myself & household around valentines
So I love this candy! My kids are too old to take these types of valentines treats to school but every year I end up purchasing at least one large box of these just to take home and snack on between myself and 3 teenagers! We love it!
A Sweet Treat
I really enjoyed the taste of both the cherry and blue raspberry flavors of Fun Dip included. My favorite of the two would have to be the blue raspberry though. These work as fun treats on the go. I would definitely try these again, but I would prefer a pack with only the blue raspberry flavor.
Tasty and cute
These remind me of childhood. I loved these for my kid’s valentines. They were easy to write the name on and the packaging held up when my kid was eating from them.
Valentine Fun Dip are Great
Fun Dip have been around for a long time. I remember eating them as a child, and I still enjoy them once in awhile as an adult. The Valentine FunDip is small individual packets which are better for me (portion control). I'm 60 y/o and still enjoy Fun Dips.
My kids pick these out every Valentine to pass out to class mates. It's a great value for the price and a classic treat I also enjoyed when I was younger and still do. Love the taste of the powder. Only thing I wish could be changed is the dipping stick taste.

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