Smart Sweets Gummy Worms

4.2 5 0 231 231 <li>KICK SUGAR: Feel good about candy with SmartSweets Gummy Worms. Just 4g of sugar and 110 calories for the whole bag - that’s 81% less sugar than the other gummy worms candies! Smartly sweetened with high-quality and innovative sweeteners allulose and monk fruit. <li>KEEP CANDY: Mouthwatering gluten-free gummy candy that is a radically better choice, no sugar alcohols, added sugar; and artificial sweeteners. Made with fruit and veggie juices <li>RICH IN FIBER: Packed with 9 grams of soluble prebiotic fiber goodness. Your favorite gummy worms gummies bursting with 3 flavor combos per bag: blue raspberry + cherry, pink lemonade + peach and strawberry + pineapple <li>ONE BAG = ONE SERVING: No need to guess or hold back! The serving is the WHOLE bag</li>
Smart Sweets Gummy Worms


Not my favorite snack!
I tried these because I have heard such great things about the smart sweets. I was not a fan at all!! I liked the first one I had then it left a funny taste in my mouth. I won't be getting these again.
Not the best sugar-free option
I really wanted to love these. I've been keto for a while and I definitely miss movie theater candy sometimes. These generally have the same texture as the gummy worms I remember, the taste is pretty close, but these always upset my stomach. I think it might be the isomalt that is in the first ingredient - a sugar alcohol that can cause intestinal distress. It might also be the tapioca fiber that they add. These ingredients bring the net carbs down - but at a cost to my digestion. Allulose and monk fruit are also here, but I've never had a problem digesting those. Even though I miss fruity, gummy candy, I probably won't try these again for a while. If you've been sugar free for some time and have developed a tolerance for sugar alcohols, you might enjoy these more than I did.
Yikes! Even my kids won't eat them.
Don't waste 4 grams of sugar on these. The peach and watermelon gummies are fantastic so you can imagine my dismay when the huge (and very expensive) box arrived and they taste horrid. This one was not a winner and needs some major recipe work.
These are ok for a lower calorie high fiber snack, but they are so chewy and get stuck in my teeth and the flavor is a little odd, also kind of expensive
So glad I found this
I have been trying to limit my sugar intake so I am really glad I found this. The flavor combos are great and I do not feel a ton of guilt after eating a few gummy worms. I would recommend this,
Good product
being on a keto diet these are a nice small treat. I didn't receive them from HTC but do purchase them locally. I do caution that if you are sensitive to some artificial sweeteners then eat with caution.
I think these are delicious!! I try to eat next to no sugar & these definitely help that when I crave candy. They are delicious as well!!
Healthy gummy worms!
Wanted to try these out after seeing reviews of this online on the Influenster app and after seeing them in store at Target. They're ok, just very small for portion size. Tastes the same to me,like the original Haribo gummy bears.
I love smart sweets
I love that smart sweets continues to add flavors to their sugar and calorie conscious collection. These are delicious and just what you need to scratch that sweet itch! Highly recommend
I wasn't a huge fan of these. I didn't enjoy the flavor as much as others and they were extremely sticky gooey. I ate a few of them and close the bag up and put in a ziplock. The next day when I went to eat them they were all stuck together even though they were all kept in an air conditioned area. There's too many of these on the market to choose one that you don't love there's too many options out there available with great prices. I would not purchase this again.
Very tasty treat and great to have if you do not wan to have the sugar that are in the real ones. These are pretty sticky when eating them that is the only downfall. I would recommend these.
I love this brand of sweets! The gummy worms and fish are probably my favorite. It’s a great alternative to candy when you’re on a diet. It has a high dose of fiber as well so just be careful with that.
Amazing Low Sugar Option!!!
I love smart sweets so much!! They are a guilt free candy and I love that they don't even have artificial food coloring! Perfect for adults and kids!
5 star happiness
Smart Sweets is my favorite brand for gummy candy. They are so tangy and juicy, and you can feel less guilty about them overall due to the lower amount of sugar than conventional candy. I can't live without Smart Sweets.
Great Low-Sugar Gummy Alternative
I'm obsessed with these. I've tried several different kinds of their products and the gummy worms are one of my favorite. The texture is very close to the OG without being weird, and they have a very similar taste without tasting like artificial sweetener (since it doesn't have artificial sweetener...yeah!). Are you going to convince anyone these are the real deal? No. It's very clear they are a 'healthy'-type of product or that something is different about them. Will they suppress your sugar dragon? Yes. These will work and you can eat the whole bag without guilt! I highly recommend them. My father is a super picky eater and even he ate them, so that's a HUGE win in my book.

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