Smart Sweets Gummy Worms

4.4 5 0 105 105 <li>KICK SUGAR: Feel good about candy with SmartSweets Gummy Worms. Just 4g of sugar and 110 calories for the whole bag - that’s 81% less sugar than the other gummy worms candies! Smartly sweetened with high-quality and innovative sweeteners allulose and monk fruit. <li>KEEP CANDY: Mouthwatering gluten-free gummy candy that is a radically better choice, no sugar alcohols, added sugar; and artificial sweeteners. Made with fruit and veggie juices <li>RICH IN FIBER: Packed with 9 grams of soluble prebiotic fiber goodness. Your favorite gummy worms gummies bursting with 3 flavor combos per bag: blue raspberry + cherry, pink lemonade + peach and strawberry + pineapple <li>ONE BAG = ONE SERVING: No need to guess or hold back! The serving is the WHOLE bag</li>
Smart Sweets Gummy Worms


Good healthy option
These gummi's are indeed a healthier choice than the usual sugar loaded ones but they are a bit tougher to chew. I'm an adult and I find myself chewing on one a bit longer than expected but I prefer them. Cutting back on sugar this was the next best thing. Its not much of a taste but they taste good and satisfy a sweet crave. I dont finish the bag all at once either so thats a plus. I wouldn't give them to children under 4 without supervision due to them being a bit chewy and a little tough. Some kids may swallow it after awhile rather than continue chewing .
Be careful
So I have one story with these my mother in law tried them because my husband had them at his work and didn’t tell her what they were she ate the whole bag and was on the toilet the fiber really kicked in it’s also pretty tasty.
I really liked that they had less sugar in them. They were very chewy to the point that my jaw hurt from chewing so much. I did like the small package though.
Smart Sweets Gummy Worms
Very tasty and loved by my children and most of all has 0%g of cholestrol and 0%Sodium and 0% total fat and 0% saturated fat and 0% trans fat Non-GMO and natural flavors and 0% potassium
Awesome alternative
Love that they are low in sugar dont love the higher price. This is a sometimes treat because of the price. I like just how chewy and sweet these taste.
tasty gummies
I was quite suprised as I was expecting a small portion if the standard gummies. Wow, what a difference. These gummies are the very best and I am going to order.
So So
Not as good as most Gummi worms. They were thicker and somewhat of a bland taste. I prefer real fruity Gummi worms.
Satisfies gummy craving
This is a good alternative to traditional gummies if you want a healthier treat. I like that it doesn’t have artificial sugars. It’s not as sweet as the traditional ones so you might want to eat more.
My husband tried this and said that it was the most disgusting taste, weird texture that he has tried in a candy. No improvements that could be made, because then it would defeat the purpose of this product in being healthier.
Its good you should definitely get it its awesome
Tasty in moderation. Not as sweet as I’d prefer for gummy worms candy.
Really good
These are really good low sugar sweets. They are perfect for people with sugar cravings but need to cut back. They have a very good texture and don’t have a artificial taste like some low sugar candy can have. They are a bit expensive but worth it to my waistline
Less is more
This is my go to snack when I need that taste. I love itbecause its not too sweet.
I love gummy worms and this is a great and healthier option than regular gummys they have less sugar and taste great
Great alternative
It’s not like the real thing, but it does provide a relief to the sweet tooth while attempting to maintain diets. I love candy.

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