Dove Promises Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel

4.8 5 0 114 114 Experience the pleasure of DOVE PROMISES Silky Smooth Sea Salt Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Every bite of enjoyment is made from a delicious combination of smooth caramel blended with sea salt and wrapped in rich, silky smooth dark chocolate.
Dove Promises Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel


Silky smooth and balanced
I love how Dove can make chocolate so premium, at a price that lets me indulge. This chocolate is smooth and balanced with just the right amount of salt, and the right amount of sweetness.
I absolute love these. I am a true dark chocolate fan and these are so good. They are smooth and are just right to take away my craving for chocolate.
Mmmm! I love these chocolates so much and it is really hard not to eat all of them at once! They are delicious.
Dove is delicious!
Dove dark chocolate is a favorite of mine. This product with a touch of sea salt & caramel is just the right amount of salty & sweet to really make it extra delicious! I certainly recommend that you try it!
Great taste and I would buy it from the store.
Love it!
The creamy dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt is a wonderful taste treat. The flavor is so yummy!
Amo el chocolate, cuando lo pruebas es delicioso el sabor que se siente al paladar..
Absolutely Amazing!
Love this so much. So light an airy. Not over powering at all.
Super tasty
I love chocolate and this was the best tasting chocolate ever. It made me feel amazing and I love the flavors and I don’t think it needs any improvement I recommended this product
Dove candy
I have tried dove candy several times.its delicious I love it
great chocolate
Dove makes such great chocolate, and this combination is one of my favorites. The dark chocolate is smooth and not bitter, and the complement of caramel with sea salt is the perfect touch. The messages in the wrappers are always fun too.
Very tasty! Highly recommend
These are very tasty. I highly recommend them. The Carmel and salt combo is divine.Each accentuates the other and in turn you get an incredible candy.
This candy is so smooth and delicious you can't help but to want more of it.i would definitely recommend it.
Oh, these are naughty
This is one of my favorite flavor combinations. And you can never go wrong with the silkiness of dove chocolate. With luxurious Carmel and a hint of salt. Tingles down my arms just thinking about the dance of flavors across my tongue. This is a very sophisticated little morsel.
These are so delicious and addicting. I can’t buy them often because I’ll eat the whole bag!

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