Dove Promises Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel

4.8 5 0 85 85 Experience the pleasure of DOVE PROMISES Silky Smooth Sea Salt Caramel and Dark Chocolate. Every bite of enjoyment is made from a delicious combination of smooth caramel blended with sea salt and wrapped in rich, silky smooth dark chocolate.
Dove Promises Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel


Dove Promises
As always, Dove promises the best tasting chocolate. I love the dark chocolate with the sea salt caramel. It's so good. I love all the Dove chocolates, but this one is my new favorite. It doesn't get any better than this.
Rich and creamy
I'm a Dove chocolate fan and this dark chocolate is one of the best chocolates there is for a really good price. I really can't think of how to make it better. It has a great balance of flavors that will satisfy most.
Hands down the best chocolate I've eaten. Smooth, creamy texture with a luxurious taste
These are sooooooo delicious
So we love chocolate in this house so when my wife switched out my fave candies in our candy dishes I was utterly surprised. These are so good.
First off, I think Dove has THE best chocolate out there ! Now, dark chocolate is not usually my preference but in this case, it is ! I love anything sea salt Caramel! So I've tried a lot and this is scrumptious. Love this candy!
Melt in your mouth
I love the smoothness of this chocolate. It melts in my mouth like French truffles.
Isn't it wonderful when you can say you can really taste the salt and you're talking about chocolate? This is the case with these. It is such a blissful experience tasting these. You can eat the whole bag.
I loved it and the dark is the best
It’s a great chocolate to have if your craving chocolate
Sweet chocolate overload
If you like dark chocolate with a salty-sweet taste, then this one is for you. If you're a fan of Dove chocolates, you can try it. I'm not a fan of my chocolates being salty.
Little Bit of Heaven
I know Dove Dark Chocolate desserts get you feeling good. And, I want you to know the best bit is how deliciously irresistible they are. Just one bite and you’ll be hooked.
I absolutely love chocolate and these are my favorite! Such a great flavor and a creamy melt, which to me says it’s a good chocolate. I have now purchased more for back much for my diet!
So delicious
This is the perfect snack for when you can't decide if you want something salty or sweet. So delicious! I love that the chocolate is so smooth and creamy as well.
These are the best chocolates in my opinion. I love the salted Carmel. Nothing goes better with Carmel than dark chocolate. I always buy these for my kids for holidays. That way I can have a few too.
Love this candy! Sweet and salty are my faves and thick candy is delicious. I recommend to everyone to try this candy!
I am a big fan of chocolate and when I tired this kind I was blown away how delicious it is. Silk and smooth taste.

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