Dove Promises Holiday Gifts Dark Chocolate Christmas Candy 8.87 Oz

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Dove Promises Holiday Gifts Dark Chocolate Christmas Candy 8.87 Oz


Love them
Great flavor. They are not hard and are creamy. They are also perfect size for a quick pick me up.
They were so delicious. I shared them with my family. The taste was definitely better than expected. We already bought more.
A smooth not bitter dark chocolate
I don't normally like most dark chocolate, but the Dove Promises Dark Chocolate is very good. Sometimes the dark chocolate is a bit overpowering, but this dark chocolate had a smoother taste than most. They are individually wrapped which is handy. I would definitely recommend these chocolates if you like dark chocolate.
Dove Promises holiday choclates.
Dove Promises Holiday Gifts Dark Chocolate Christmas Candy really exceeded my expectations. They taste sweet and smooth, with no bitter aftertaste. I have always liked Dove, but now I love them for their dark chocolates. They outside of the red holiday bag and the red wrapped individual chocolates are so cute and festive. They actually start to melt in your mouth as you savor it. I received the Dove Promises Holiday Gifts Dark Chocolate Christmas Candy to test in exchange for my honest opinion.
Complete yumminess
The entire family enjoyed the Dove Promises Dark Chocolate, even the ones who don’t typically eat dark chocolate. The Dove product has a silky, creamy lovely taste to it. I’m not usually a huge dark chocolate fan but I honestly was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Dove brand. It’s not to strong of a cocoa taste and it goes extremely well with a nice cup of hot coffee, tea or hot Chocolate. The bag didn’t last long in this house.
Great dark chocolate
I love the texture and creaminess of the dark chocolate.. I prefer milk or white chocolate, but this is pretty good for me.
Rich, creamy chocolate
I love how rich and creamy this dark chocolate is. I must say its one of the best dark chocolates I've ever tasted. Most others have a strong, bitter taste.
Melted when arrived
The chocolates where all melted together and there is not much more to say.
Dove Holiday Promises don't disappoint.
I am usually a milk chocolate girl, but I really appreciate that this dark chocolate isn't too bitter. I have always been a fan of Dove chocolate and I love the size of the Dove Promises. It gives you the right about of chocolate without over indulging. I like that I love the sayings on the inside of the wrapper. They are always so uplifting and cute. I also really like that these are holiday gift themed wrappers. It's a nice thing to share with coworkers by putting a chocolate or two on their desk as a fun little gift.
Dark chocolate great tasty chocolate!
Its healthy because its dark chocolate, and it melts in your mouth so good
An eye opener
I am honestly not a huge fan of dark chocolates. I find them repulsive. I tried Dove’s dark chocolate and I am pleased to say that my opinion of dark chocolate may have changed. It was very smooth and not salty or very bitter. It also melts very nice to add to desserts. I highly really recommend trying this!
Tasted so smooth!
Dove Promises Dark Chocolate is the best dark chocolate I have ever tried. I love how smooth it is. The wrappers were adorable looking like presents and as always I love doves saying inside the wrapper! I swear Dove dark chocolate gets better each piece, it is just the right amount. I have not tasted a better dark chocolate that did not make me want to stop eating it after one piece.
Delicious chocolates
My new favorite dark chocolate! Perfect for a treat during the day or to put out for guests during the holidays. My whole family really enjoyed the taste of these dark chocolates.
Great sweet treat!
Rich, smooth dark chocolate that's a treat to eat. Just one satisfies you and is enough because of the high quality! Yummy!
Very good chocolate.
Not to sweet, very smooth. European like chocolate.

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