Lindor Assorted Platinum Truffles Bag

4.9 5 0 860 860 Experience the most popular flavors of Lindt LINDOR assorted chocolate truffles in this classic five flavor assortment. Surprise friends and family with a chocolate candy gift, or share a piece of Lindt LINDOR chocolate as a sweet, indulgent after-dinner treat. Each bag features Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Milk Chocolate and 60% Extra Dark Chocolate truffles.
Lindor Assorted Platinum Truffles Bag


I absolutely love Lindt chocolate, and their truffles are so good. The flavor is delicious, and the texture is amazing. You get the semi hard outer shell that basically melts away into the creamy filling. With the assortment you get different flavors, all are great. It definitely feels like a "splurge", and worth it.
All very yummy
I love Lindor chocolates so much. The quality of the chocolate along with the texture of the filling is just overall so delicious. This assorted bag gives a great variety to try and share!
Rich & Delicious
I actually used to be addicted to these and had to force myself to stop eating them lol. They taste like real chocolate and are very rich. There's a white chocolate one that I love and I normally HATE white chocolate.
So delicate
Any time I want to treat my girls at the office I get one of these! And of course it's never enough but we all enjoy each candy to the fullest! The softest and most delicious chocolates!
Lindor Assorted Platinum Truffles Bag
One of my guilty pleasures! These chocolates are so rich and creamy. They have a wonderful chocolate flavor with wonderful different flavors on the inside. One of my true favorites!
Good chocolate
I love this chocolate! I usually like to add it to gifts around Christmas or for birthdays. It’s that good where it feels special giving it to someone! The quality is definitely better than your typical common chocolate from the grocery store. I have to control myself when eating them because I could eat the whole package if I let myself! My partner and my son love it too! It’s a special treat for all of us!
As a snobby chocoholic - not just any chocolate will do for me! Lindt's chocolates is one of the best although I'm not fond of white chocolate.
Chocolate lover
These chocolate truffles will melt in your mouth. I love all of the flavors.
I love this
This choice of chocolate is the best ones so far , highly recommended the sweetness and burst of chocolate in your mouth
My go to chocolates
I love all of their flavors & I have never tried a truffle that I didn’t like. I keep some of these on hand when I am in the mood for something sweet. I love how the center melts in your mouth. You can’t go wrong with this brand.
Always a Favorite!
I get these for almost every holiday. They are easy to fill in the candy bowls for large crowds and guests to have. You can't go wrong with these chocolates. The perfect creamy, smooth, rich taste to get rid of a sweets craving too!
In love
The chocolate is wonderful not to sweet to kill your teeth but just right and the centers are so soft I absolutely love them I eat more than I should
Love these
These are absolutely decadent, I have to hide the bag for myself or else I'll eat the whole pack. I would definitely recommend these if you love to indulge in sweets and rich chocolates.
Richest Creamiest Chocolate
Hands done this is the best chocolate that any one could eat. I love the fact that the chocolate is so good it melts right into your mouth. Each chance I get when I’m in store I always stop by the candy isle to make sure to get me a bag of these beautiful tasty of chocolate. The only chocolate I will eat, nothing can compare to this richness of chocolate.
I love this variety pack from Lindt it has flavors for the whole family. The chocolate is high quality too and the texture and taste is great. These are a staple to have around the holidays!

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