Ghirardelli Chocolate Limited Edition Peppermint Bark Assorted Squares and Snowmen Holiday Bag

4.8 5 0 594 594 CELEBRATE the holidays with a festive assortment of peppermint bark squares and snowmen in our favorite flavors. This is perfect for sharing with family and friends. The bag is 12.7 ounces. LIMITED EDITION bag includes Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark and Peppermint Bark Snowmen. INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED candy is great for setting out in your home during holiday parties and events, handing out as party favors, giving away as prize items, and stuffing stockings or gift baskets.
Ghirardelli Chocolate Limited Edition Peppermint Bark Assorted Squares and Snowmen Holiday Bag


Christmas Stocking Favorite
Total bliss. Love to have this every Christmas season. In fact, we buy enough bags so we have some after Christmas into the summer months. You can't go wrong. Must the right peppermint taste with the chocalate.
Like Christmas
These little bars are a piece of Christmas. The chocolate is always delicious, and the peppermint is so refreshing and gives a little crunch. I would definitely recommend this if you like peppermint
Pretty good
I am usually not the biggest fan of mint and chocolate but this combination is actually pretty good. The whole house enjoyed it! Perfect for the holiday and with some hot cocoa!
So good and peppermint-y
I absolutely love peppermint bark, and this peppermint bark from Ghirardelli is one of my favorites! It's creamy, chocolatey, and has just the right amount of peppermint flavor. This is a great gift for the holidays, or really any time of the year. I would highly recommend this product.
Decent bark
The Ghirardelli peppermint bark is pretty good. They’re a little bit thin on the chocolate and a little bit too uniform compared to other more traditional peppermint bark candies. But I do like that they’re individually wrapped -and the bag is super cute
I love this brand but had not tried this kind until I received it for Christmas. Addictive to say the least I couldn’t put the bag down they were great delicious taste and flavor.
Ghirardelli has always been my go to for my chocolate stash at work. I love when the peppermint bark comes out in the winter. Can’t wait to find the first bag.
Love Peppermint
I bought these for little gift bags and when I tried them they were great and everyone loved them.
It is ok
I’m not a big peppermint bark person to start with. This particular brand did it very well. Not as good as grandmas but very well. It’s creamy, peppermint like, and crunchy at the same time. My husband loves the stuff and gets it every year.
So smooth
This chocolate is one of my favorite holiday treats! So smooth and creamy melts in your mouth! Perfect blend of chocolate and peppermint
This product is very popular during the holidays. It really does balance each other out with the chocolate and peppermint. I enjoyed it.
The best choice for winter holiday candy.
I absolutely love these individual wrapped squares. This chocolate has just enough candy cane pieces through out to make you want more. These are a excellent choice to put out for your family and friends during the holiday season.
My favorite candy during the Christmas holiday. Perfect taste of peppermint and chocolate. Can’t go wrong! Wish they sold this all year!
One of my favorites!
I look forward to these at Christmas time! The peppermint and chocolate are so good together!
Love peppermint bark flavor!
This is the best Ghirardelli chocolate flavor after caramel. The peppermint bark to chocolate ratio is perfect!

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