Reese's PB Cup Dark Chocolate Thins Pouch - 7.37oz

4.6 5 0 375 375 Reese’s Dark Peanut Butter Cups Thins
Reese's PB Cup Dark Chocolate Thins Pouch - 7.37oz


great thinness
these are great!! i like the thinness of these. they are a good size for little hands and mouths also.
Love these
Reese's are my favorite treat by far. These thin Reese's are great to put in vanilla ice cream. They are also a perfect little snack to have throughout the day. nomnomnom. If they are priced right, I usually always grab them.
Right Balance
If you are looking for the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter, then this is it. The dark chocolate and peanut butter is just right.
Better than regular reeces
They're delicious and individually wrapped. Just the right size without being too rich and overbearing. Unlike the reg. Reese's cups which are too heavy, too rich, and way too fatty & greasy for my taste. Well done, thanks for making them into thins which we can now all enjoy
Love this !!!!
Wow this are so delicious I love the chocolate quality and the peanut butter It’s just perfect together I can just eat the whole package
Reese's thin dark chocolate
I thought this were excellent I love the thin ones because it's just not an overpowering amount of peanut butter and I love dark chocolate. I think they're perfect just how they are
Delicious little snack
I absolutely love peanut butter cups. These are delicious! Perfect size for after dinner snack..maybe more than one, 2-3? YUM!
So good
This thin Reese’s are so good. Tasty and creamy. Highly recommended
So Scrumptious
These are SO SCRUMPTIOUS so get ready 2 get FAT IN A GOOD WAY! They're about 1/2 the size of a regular receese cup but are so DELECTABLE & ADDICTIVE,especially when PUT IN THE FRIDGE, that's the SECERT, FYI EAT with coffee!!
Small but Good
Grabbed these when I had a craving but wanted something different. They taste awesome! The issue isn't how thin they were, it was how small around they were. I was expecting them to be the size of a normal Reese cup, but thinner lol.
Yummy and low cal
While I love these cups they are not my favorite Reese’s product. I do like that they are a lower calorie option. I also like the snap of the chocolate, so good texture all around. If given the choice though, I want more of that creamy Reese’s PB! Still delicious though!
An Accident Turned Pleasant
I bought a pack of these by accident on a camping trip to be used for smores and they instantly became my favorite Reese's product! They have less peanut butter filling and are dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I think the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter is perfect. My kids would disagree, they still prefer the original version, because they do not enjoy dark chocolate very much. But if you love dark chocolate and a little bit of peanut flavor, try these!
Reeses are quite honestly my favorite since I started eating chocolate lol! But dark chocolate Reeses is literal heaven!
Simply awesome
We buy these quite often they taste very good . I would recommend them to those that like dark chocolate.
my review
i love this my mom bought this for me a couple of months ago,and i loved it,and i snacked on them at dialysis treatment,and they were so good and yummy,and i've wanted somemore of them.!

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