Reese's PB Cup Dark Chocolate Thins Pouch - 7.37oz

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Reese's PB Cup Dark Chocolate Thins Pouch - 7.37oz


I thought I would feel like I am missing the bigger amount of peanut butter but that is not the case. It is perfect... this in now my go to for all chocolate cravings.
Sooooo yummy!
Easy way on the go snack perfect size and amazing quality
My favorite.
These are soo good! The perfect ratio and you really can’t go wrong with dark chocolate in my personal opinion. So handy to have as a little pick me up in my bag! Yummm.
Bag of Thin, Dark Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
I’ve never been a fan of Chocolate & Peanut Butter mixed together. And I do not like dark chocolate. All 3 of My kids who absolutely love Reese’s cups, but just like me, they don’t like dark chocolate.
These Reese Peanut Butter thins were good but something just seemed off. Maybe the fact that they are in a bag? Maybe the smaller size? I don't know... Something just seems wrong about a bunch of full size PB Cups in a pouch!
Thin Reese's
Yum yum yum! If u haven't tried these you need to cuz you're going to love love love them! We do!
These are a very satisfying healthier treat option when your trying to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Amor al chocolate
Los resees han Sido unos de mis candy's favoritos y también de mi hija. Esa mezcla de chocolate y mantequilla de Mani es perfecta.
Thin and Delicious
My favorite Reese’s cup. Absolutely love the balance of the chocolate and peanut butter in the Thin Cups, it’s perfect! These are very addictive and hard for me to not want to eat the entire bag at once! Delicious!
Delicious and not too sweet
I love chocolate and I also love peanut butter. The combination between these 2 and the balance of sweet but not too sweet make this chocolate perfect! I’ll buy more for sure!!
Satisfied My Sweet Tooth!
I was craving chocolate and couldn't figure out what to get to ease that craving. I bought these on a whim and was very very satisifed! They have the perfect balance of sweet but not too sweet. Peanut buttery but in a good balance with the chocolate. 10/10 Would Buy Again!
Best yet!
I think Reese really out did themselves on this one. The slender feel in your mouth is so attractive to the tongue and it makes me feel healthier when I eat them. The balance of chocolate and peanut butter is absolutely divine.
This is my new guilty pleasure. I love dark chocolate and peanut butter... amazing combination. Everyone needs to try at least one.
New size, same old great flavor
I’ve always been a big fan of these, but decided to give the thin size a shot. As expected, it still tastes great, I usually store them in the freezer prior to eating and they’re still pretty good.
These are some of my favorite snacks and treats to eat. A tip do with them, I put them in the fridge to get cold and harder. Boy, are they so good when they sit in the fridge!!

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