Hairitage Light as a Feather Leave-in Conditioner

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Hairitage Light as a Feather Leave-in Conditioner


Salon quality at fraction of the price!!
I really enjoyed using the Hairitage Light as a Feather Leave-in Conditioner. This versatile product can be used on both wet and dry hair. I use it on wet hair, to detangle it and give hair a bit of texture and body. I use it on dry hair, to keep it manageable, tame flyaways, and to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy! I have very thin, fine hair, and I love that this product doesn’t weigh my hair down. It still has bounce and shine, but never greasy. It does all that, AND smells great!? That makes it a no-brainer for me!! I’m a huge fan and a new loyal customer!!
Great detangler for wet hair
This spray is so light after my hair dries. It really helped make it easier to brush out my hair when it was wet. Usually I get a lot of tangles when my hair is wet but this product saved my hair from being pulled out by the brush! It smells so so so good!!
Best leave-in conditioner ever
Fabulous product! I got this product sent to me to test from the Home Tester Club to try. When I used the conditioner I tried it both on my hair wet and dry to see the differences of how it works. The conditioner smells like you just stepped out of the salon! Also, my hair which is long was detangled and moisturized easily by the product.
Love it
Best leave in conditioner I’ve ever tried hand down!. Smells amazing and great for detangling, removes frizz and even great as a refresher. I have very wavy/curly hair and I spray this one and it helps revive the curls getting rid of all frizz and leaving it smelling so good.
Leave-in Conditioner
Left my hair super greasy and stringy. Did not help with moisture at all!!
Soft manageable hair
Hairitage Light as a Feather Leave-in Conditioner works so well on my hair. It not only made it easy to comb through but it left my hair soft and silky smooth. It has a very pleasant scent too. I highly recommend this product for soft manageable hair.
heavenly hair.
Hands down my fav leave-in conditioner ever. I've had long hair forever so products like this are nothing new. BUT Hairitage Light as a Feather Leave-in Conditioner is a game changer. The smell is amazing. It's light, doesn't leave hair sticky/slimy/greasy and it does it's job. The hair can go unwashed and still be soft days later. At first it was just a product I intended using but now my son won't go without it! His hair is longer than mine and getting him to brush it, lord help me. Always a fight. With this, we can spray brush and the next morning barely even need a quick run through. It makes all our lives a whole lot easier! So happy to be introduced to the Hairitage brand and such a great product!
Soft shiny scented hair
This leave in conditioner was very lightweight and had a really nice feminine scent. It was easy to apply and comb through my hair. I could smell it throughout the day, so I knew it was still there (every time I shook out my hair I got a whiff). My hair felt soft but not weighed down. It also looked nice and shiny, and I felt like it was easier to brush through my hair after using it. The scent started to bother me after a little while, just seemed like a little much, but overall it is a great product.
Leaves hairy shiny not greasy!!
Love how soft it makes my hair without looking greasy and making my hair look flat
Hello hydration!
I enjoyed everything about this. The scent was light and pleasing, and the application was smooth and easy with it's spray application. The mist is perfectly dispersed for all over coverage. The packaging itself is simple. Pretty, but simple. I actually like the simplicity and find it's a bottle I leave out after using, rather than tucking away. I enjoy the softness and shine my hair has after using, and I really like the fact I can use it straight out of the shower or anytime I need a bit of hydration.
Great stuff!
Wonderful conditioner. Very light with a lovely scent. I spray it into my hair, combed through and let it air dry. Afterward, my hair was unbelievably soft. Slept on the hair and in the morning remained soft and free from flyaways.
Love this
I love this product. It works good, it left my hair so soft and I would never picked it up if it weren't for the opportunity to try a sample. I totally recomend it.
My new secret weapon for healthy hair!
I’ve used the product 4 times now and this spray is so leightweight and non-greasy unlike other leave-ins I’ve used in the past. My hair maintained bounce, shine and style for 3+ days. The price is tight and this spray is far superior than other expensive brands I’ve tried. My damp hair is so easy to comb through and this conditioner allows for easy styling while supporting strong hair with no damage. I used this product on day 1 with damp hair and then with Hairitage’s magic hair dust on day 3-4 for maintaining style and vibrance. Goodbye $30+ leave-in’s! This is my new secret to beautiful, manageable and strong hair!
Great Detangler with Extra Moisture
I felt that this leave in conditioner was similar to a detangler but with a little added moisture. I have thick curly hair, and when I want to straighten it, I really struggle to comb through it first. This was perfect, light-weight spray that allowed me to comb it, without weighing it down.
Nice light leave-in conditioner
I tried the Hairitage Light as a Feather Leave-in Conditioner after using my regular shampoo. It was almost impossible to comb through my hair with out any conditioner. A few sprits of the Hairitage and my hair was smooth and tangle free. My hair was easy to comb through without tugging or pulling, and it helped to achieve a smooth finished look.

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