Masque Bar Ginger Bread Man Nourishing Sheet Mask

4.3 5 0 31 31 Perfect gift for a skin care junkie. Red Peel Off Mask helps soften and revitalize your skin. Holographic Peel Off Mask aids in moisturizing and illuminating your skin.
Masque Bar Ginger Bread Man Nourishing Sheet Mask


I always love a good mask makes my face feel so clean and refreshed
Good mask
I got this mask around Christmas time. Such a great smell. My face was so smooth after using this mask
The eye slits did not fit correctly but it was still fun to use. No positive results after use but at least it smelled good.
I struggle with sheet masks
I will always prefer a cream/ gel face mask to these type of sheet masks. The eye slits didn’t fit exactly right. Maybe my face is too narrow? I found I have to really lay down or the masks don’t stay on in the right position sitting upright.
Not bad
I prefer Korean masks but this little mask wasn’t bad. I didn’t really feel like it was doing anything but it didn’t mess my skin up either so that’s a positive. I like when masks have extra liquid that I can use on my neck and chest, this one didn’t have much. Overall a decent mask for fun, not great for serious skincare.
Soft skin
I really like that this Masque Bar Ginger Bread Man Nourishing Sheet Mask left my skin really hydrated and soft after using it. I like that it is simple to apply to skin and also very easy to remove. It really did give my skin the moisture that it is needed to leave it healthy and soft
It wasn’t bad makes you’re face feel cleaner and soft. Hydrated
Cheap and good
Cheap mask that works pretty good, can’t go wrong with the price! Give it a try, you might fall in love, can’t really lose anything here
Although it was fun to have a cutesy, silly mask to wear, the best part was.. it works! Lightly and pleasantly scented and well saturated in the liquid for mask. It left my skin glowing and wonderfully hydrated! I'm glad I received this cute little mask in my stocking this year!
This is a very nourishing and hydrating mask that is easy to use. Just tear the seal and apply the sheet mask and wait around 20 minutes. When you remove it your face will feel super soft and hydrated I love it!
Received as a gift
I received this as a gift from a friend for Christmas, and I thought it was pretty good! I liked the shape of the mask and the scent was fun. My skin felt nourished and clean and not overly greasy as some masks can leave you feeling like that. It soaked into the skin nicely enough after removing the mask and didn't feel like I had to wash off any residue.
Soon as you open package the mask is all there! I didn't like how could NOT RESEAL Package! It made my face feel softer
I've used better but I've also used worse... I would recommend
It smelt great. The smell wasn't too strong or irritating.
Festive facemask
The Fantasy Gingerbread Man facemark is very festive from the packing to the smell. It did not irritate my skin. It wasn't as nourishing as it claimed to be. It is just a for fun mask.

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