Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'mores Caddy

4.8 5 0 246 246 Take everything you need on the go at your next event to create s'mores in this convenient caddy. The tray inside keeps your marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in place. Includes a removable tray and carrying handle.Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'Mores Caddy
Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'mores Caddy


Muy rico, lo uso en reposteria, hago pasteles y quedan muy bien lo consumo liquido, el jarabe, bueno en si es muy muy rico, me encanta
The name alone....
Bar-B-Q, Hershey, Smores....what more on Gods good green earth could ask for?? No picnic festivity is complete without a marshmallow chin! This caddy idea makes it easy to transport and ensure you have all the makings!
This is great! Storage and treats in one. It's perfect for those nights around the bonfire. Don't have to hunt for east item, instead just grab the smore kit and go! Hands down perfect!
great product
My kids asked me to buy this and its great. Does not take up a lot of room and when you are ready to cook smores you have everthing you need in this
If you are like me and an avid camper this is how you want to transport your delicious smore material. Keep all the smore goodies in a cool looking convenient carry case your small children will love.
Everything u need in one box
I love this kit. We get at least 3 every time we go camping. Everything one would need to make a smore is in this box. From the Graham crackers to the chocolate bars. All you need is a camp fire.
smores sound so get helps keep the hunger pains away introducing curves appetite gourmet at its finest everything you want in Hershey's smores uplifting a great treat I would recommend them
Wonderful idea
I love getting to go camping and pulling out the Hershey s’mores kit. This kit honestly makes your camping trip a lot more fun and easy. You get a perfect s’mores every time. Thanks Hershey
Great at the fire pit!!
This is great for the fire pit, it's all in one carrying case!!
Great for kids of all ages!
This is one of those things that isn't necessary for making smores, but it's something you SHOULD have while making smores. There is not much better than Hershey's chocolate with marshmallows and graham crackers -- except when they are all organized neatly in a container with a convenient handle! :D It's a novelty item that this mother of six is happy to own.
A Fun Camping Gift
I bought this kit so we could "camp" with my young nephew in the backyard. It was awesome! It has everything you need and we used our firepit in a new way. We loved it so much we bought a couple as family gifts for our friends that have trailers for camping. So much fun!
Smores on the go
I bought this for a friend who camps a lot and filled it with all the items you need to make smores. Its pretty sturdy and it has a removable tray inside if you don't want to use it to separate your items. They loved it! That make me feel good. It's not to large to pack for camping and it's pretty lightweight overall which they wanted. A cute gift.
great smores pack
We bought this for our camping trip to lake havsue city a few months back, it was a great hit with the kids around the campfire. it keep things neat and tidey and the cost was not bad at all..
I love this brand and this pretensentation is very nice, the chocolate is delicious just as always
Cute and Handy
Recently took this caddy on a camping trip stocked with all of our favorite smores goodies. Its definitely handy to have and helped keep our supplies safe and organized! I would definitely recommend this product.

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