Uncrustables® Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sandwich 10-Count Pack

4.8 5 0 1490 1490 Just thaw, unwrap, and snack wherever you are! Uncrustables® Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sandwiches are a convenient, packable snack to take along wherever you and your kids are going next. This 4-count snack food pack comes with 4 single serve sandwiches that are individually wrapped for anytime snacking.
Uncrustables® Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sandwich 10-Count Pack


Household Favorite
These are a STAPLE in my house. My little one love them as a snack or for a quick lunch/dinner on dance nights. I love they are east to grab and go. Would recommend for busy parents such as myself.
Handy to eat
I found that the Uncrustables are handy to eat. They are good to eat on the go. Nothing compares to a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich though.
Easy, quick snack!
These Uncrustables are so nice to have on hand when you're short on time for a quick snack or treat. I prefer the peanut butter and jelly sandwich ones the most. I sometimes have these as a snack during work! But the kids love them just as much which is nice because they prefer sandwiches without the crusts.
Perfect snack for on the go!
These little sandwiches are the perfect snack for on the go. I love the amount of pb to jelly. They are stored in the freezer so they are perfect to toss in your bag or lunchbox for later on in the day. Super convenient and tastes great!
Love these things. Kids love them and easy quick snack for on the go or even just the part. Definitely recommend
Very convenient!
When heading out on long trips or to the beach, I add these to my cooler bag of snacks and frozen bottle of water. By lunchtime, I’m all set. Yummy sandwiches, fresh veggies & chips, and a cold beverage. These are quite convenient yet delicious anytime anywhere. A variety of flavors and kids love them too.
Best grab n go!
I love these! Pull out of the freezer, add it to your lunch and it’s hassle free from there! Plus they’re kid approved which is another winner! They taste just like a pb&j sandwich! No complaints from anyone!
Love them!
They’re a great snack on the go or just sitting at home. The kids and I love them, it’s something we all agree on which is rare for my picky eaters. I definitely recommend approved by my picky eaters
My everyday lunch
These are AMAZING!!!! This is my everyday lunch at work!!!
Easy lunch
We're busy especially in the summer time heat these are great to store in the door of the fridge and the kids can grab them as they get hungry. Also easy picnic food
I love these delicious uncrustables grape peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They taste amazing and I can't eat just one. They are so creamy and the perfect size.
My family loves these
These are so delicious my whole family loves them including my husband and I. They are a staple in Our house and tend to disappear quickly!
PB and J
These are perfect for children but I enjoyed them myself as an adult! They taste even better than a pb&j sandwich that I remember eating as a kid
So delicious!
Love these sandwiches so much! Love that they taste good frozen and can also be microwaved for a quick snack during the day!
All flavors of uncrustables are delicious but grape is my favorite. It is so easy to throw these in a kids lunch to let it thaw in time for for an easy lunch. They are great for adults too that just need a quick snack to get through the day.

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