Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'mores Caddy

4.8 5 0 243 243 Take everything you need on the go at your next event to create s'mores in this convenient caddy. The tray inside keeps your marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in place. Includes a removable tray and carrying handle.Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'Mores Caddy
Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'mores Caddy


Perfect for bonfires, or over the stove
I bought this for my mom who LOVES S'mores It fits marshmallows, graham crackers, and the necessary Hershey bars all in one place without smashing or smooshing anything. And it's adorable
I bought this Mr. Bar-B-Q Hershey's S'mores Caddy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! First of all, it is the cutest tote ever. The lid looks like Hershey Bars. As a big fan of the brand's signature chocolate bars, I had to have it!! Secondly, my family travels a lot and we do day trips, picnics, camping, and bonfires. This S'mores caddy is ridiculously handy to take anywhere and everywhere. This cute tote definitely turns heads and stirs excitement in kids and adults alike. There is even a removable tray inside. So cute, so convenient... what more could you ask for? I LOVE IT!!
Best chocolate ever
This is the best chocolate on the market, because if therichness flavor and taste
Great kit
We love to have bonfires at our home so we purchased this and it’s so handy! It’s nice because we can reload the items that we need to make s’mores and use the container to take items in and out.
Great gift idea
You can't go wrong with smores. I had some family member that was going on a camping trip. I wanted to gift them something useful and fun for their trip (with small children) This was such a great gift idea and fun for the whole family! Will be buying this again for future gifts
Bought for a gift
I purchased this for a family of 6, 2 Christmas's ago, who love smores in the summer time. I also purchased an indoor smore maker to go with this. I had a friend do a viny print of their last name and I put it on the front of the smore box. Everyone loved it and they use it all the tine.
Clever and organized
This is a great way to stay organized and keep all your s’mores ingredients together and in one spot. This is great for kids they know where it’s all at and can put it all back when done. Excellent for at home BON fires or in your camper I have one in both highly recommend.
We keep this S’mores kit for fun times with our grandkids whether it’s nice weather & can use the fire pit or rainy weather & roast inside using the Nostalgia S’mores maker. Either way, it makes for FUN TIMES making sweet memories. The biggest perk from using this kit is that you’re all prepared without having to pick up 3 separate items in full size packages. Quantity is perfect amount in this kit!!
Adorable s’mores caddy!
This was such a cute concept to organize all the s’mores ingredients for our campfire. It cut down on the chaos of struggling with open graham cracker and marshmallow bags. Clean up of the container was a tad annoying but nothing some liners couldn’t fix.
Smore's Caddy
You have got to have this for your next campfire adventures!
Not so messy
This little kit is so nice. It makes it not so messy because my child hates being sticky. We use this a lot. It is also very cute to have and take with us when we go out. Very convenient.
Genius idea!
We love s’mores in this house! We live in a condominium complex so no outdoor fire pits for us! We make use of the gas stove and enjoy s’mores all year. This is a perfect pick up before going to a barbecue or bon fire with friends and family! It’s perfect how it’s all I’m one container!
This is a perfect kit that your family would enjoy! You can never go wrong with Hershey’s. My 7 yo niece makes her own and really enjoys this a lot. Perfect amount of chocolate/marshmallow/Graham crackers ratio.
These are the best kits for camping or a beach fire!!
Love, love, LOVE
This product was amazing. It keeps all the ingredients (marshmallows, chocolate, Graham crackers) neatly organized. It's easy to restock so you can use the box again and again. The box has a clasp function so you don't need to worry about the stuff falling out. Its easy to open with one hand and has a handle to carry it. Holds enough so that everything will run out at the same time. Comes fully stocked.

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