Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge with Mirror Door Coral

4.9 5 0 117 117 The Personal Chiller with LED Lighted Mirror has a 6-liter capacity ideally sized for storing not just beverage cans and snacks, but also organic, preservative-free skincare products, sheet masks and beauty tools. Your very own personal chill zone will hold all of your favorite beauty items at optimal temperature to extend their shelf life. Stylish, space-saving and multi-functional, this mini fridge provides luxurious illumination to your morning or evening skin care routines.
Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge with Mirror Door Coral


The fridge I needed
I liked how spacious and how small the fridge is. I was able to use the fridge for my skincare products and it made a huge difference. I really loved the mirror door.
Lighted Mini Fridge
I love everything about this fridge. It is compact enough that it does not take up much room, but at the same time I can fit all my skin care in it and have room to spare. I love the light up mirror to do my makeup.
Perhaps a younger demographic
I found the mini fridge to be just ok for myself, but I think a younger person will find it quite useful. While it took up some space on my small bathroom counter, I enjoyed the fact that it kept my eye creams and rollers very cool. My daughter then asked to use it in her bathroom and LOVED it! She has a more personalized skincare routine that includes oils, masks and mists that she kept cool. She also loves the lighted mirror for finishing her eye makeup! I personally think it would be better suited for girls/women a bit younger than me. Perhaps in a dorm room or apartment? I liked the option as a beverage cooler in a vehicle, it would be great on a road trip! I have yet to try that aspect out because my daughter is still using it for her skincare and we have not been able to travel due to the pandemic. Overall I thought it is a well designed mini fridge with great features! Just not something I would have for myself personally.
In love
Love my mini fridge! I use it for all of my face serums. And I will say it has made a huge difference in how well they work! The mirror with the light on front is amazing as well. It is the perfect size, not too big where it looks tacky in my dressing room, but the right size for all my products.
Great for chilling but not warming
This fridge looks like it belongs in a Barbie Dream House, but in a good way. I wasn't able to put it in a place where I could actually see my face in the mirrored front, so that wasn't a useful feature for me. The latch is a little tough to open; you need one hand on top of the fridge to hold it in place while you yank the door open. I tried this fridge for things like creams and lotions, sheet masks, and a gel eye mask for migraines. The fan is noticeable but and after a few days, I stopped hearing it. I tried heating damp washcloths using the heating function and it gave off a very strong sort of "hot plastic" smell. The washcloths picked up that smell and it was really unpleasant. So I would highly recommend this product if you want to keep a few select products cold, but I would not recommend this if you were heating baby bottles or anything that could pick up the burning plastic smell.
Perfect Portable Chiller
The color is closer to a light pink than coral. This is an item that delivers on its claims. My products were cool as I applied the creams to my face. The series were chilled within two hours. The chiller has two settings. This chiller offers a removable interior shelf; to utilize the full height of the appliance. A door shelf is present for small, narrow, and lightweight products. The door opens to the right. The handle is hidden on the left side. The exterior mirror is a great feature for a quick review of your makeup. The warming option works well. The 12 volt outlet is essential for road trips. A dynamic mini fridge.
Cutie chiller to take on the go
Upon opening the box and removing this lightweight cooler,I was thrilled when I realized that the front of this cooler is a light up mirror that with a slight touch, lights up brightly, on the inside of the door is a compartment big enough to hold sheet,or eye masks,and facial tools,as well as having the capacity to hold up to 6 liters,which could be organic,preservative-free skincare,or a few cans of beverages. On the back of the cooler is a switch you use to cool or warm the fridge,and also outlets for a car charger which means you can bring this cutie with you,and also allows you to plug it into an outlet. My honest thoughts about the cutie chiller is every household needs one.It really does a great job at keeping items cold,so it would be convient for the student at college,the man-cave,or for the skincare lover,and has it on her vanity,and can use the adorable light up mirror to apply her Makeup! Thank you @hometesterclubna & @walmart for the chance to test this product.
Adorable Makeup Chiller/Warmer
The personal chiller LED lighted mini fridge with mirror door in the color coral is absolutely adorable. I used it to chill my facial mask products and moisturizing products. It is the perfect size to keep right next to my beauty products on my vanity. I also like that it can warm up which is perfect for when I’m doing nails & need a warm towel for my clients. It’s also perfect for on the go it has a cord that is able to plug into the car and charge while you are driving.
The product I never knew I was missing!
The second day I used my Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge, I had no idea how I had lived without it. I keep it on my makeup table filled with my creams, lotions, sheet masks, and even my eye drops. It automatically chills to the perfect temperature, and my skin care products have never felt so good. I live in a city that typically has triple digits all summer, so this has been a life-changer for me!
Amazing skincare fridge everyone needs
Color is amazing. Also, it has a mirrored door that acts as a beauty mirror with LED lights for our daily skincare needs. Color is the perfect for women vanity or bathroom. Quality is good and it has been working great. I think it has enough capacity to store the skincare and it can double as drinks fridge. But worth it for the instant needs.
Amazing Fridge!
The MOST beautiful mirrored door refrigerator! It is coral in color- small in size and perfect for all of my skincare products! I was overjoyed to receive- even more so to fill with my most used products! My skincare routines at night have nern a lot more relaxing- as I have pulled my chilled products from my "beauty fridge." Very grateful for this product! It works great on skincare products!!
Perfect for many spaces.
This Mini Fridge checks all the boxes. I couldn’t wait to fill it with skin care products. I love that the shelf can be adjusted so taller items have their own space. The pocket on the inside of the door is perfect for face mask and eye patches. The LED light surrounding the mirror is bright and is perfect for makeup application. I was surprised at how quickly it became chilled when I first plugged it in and it holds temperature well. I really like that I can also plug it in the car for keeping drinks and snacks cool and accessible on road trips. Another wonderful feature is that it can be used for warming small towels for a true pampering experience. The only dislike I have is that the door opens in the wrong direction for me but I can live with that.
Great lightweight mini fridge
I’m so happy I received the Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge with Mirror Door. I have been wanting one for my skincare and I’m thrilled to have it! I love that it also has an LED lighted mirror on the door that you can use. It’s so lightweight, it’s perfect for portability as well. It chills my products sufficiently and even has a warming setting which I didn’t even initially know about! The shelf is removable if you want to put taller items inside and it has a shelf on the door for more storage! I love the coral color and it makes a great addition in any area I put it in.
So many uses
I love the idea of keeping my eye creams, moisturizer and face mist in the mini fridge. But once I started using it I just kept adding items in there. The shelf is adjustable so I could also put in mini waters. It’s super quiet so I might have to get a second one to bring to work to keep drinks cold on my desk. There is a mirror and light on the exterior. The light turns on and off by touch. This is great for home or work.
I absolutely love this skincare fridge!
I love this skincare fridge and was so happy when I received it. I have read alot of reviews for other skincare fridges that have said theirs started leaking but this one is great I haven't experienced this. I love how my skincare feels when I put it into the fridge and I also love having snacks closely.

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