Slice® Safety Cutter

4.8 5 0 103 103 The Slice® 00200 Safety Cutter is one of the first tools Slice designed and remains one of the most popular. Initially conceived for household use—it cuts down coupon clipping time by 50 percent—the Safety Cutter has found a home in industrial settings worldwide. Its micro-ceramic blade cuts thin materials effectively while safeguarding fingers with our signature finger-friendly® edge. Use the Safety Cutter’s lanyard hole and built-in magnet to keep this unique tool close at hand.
Slice® Safety Cutter


Precise Cutting!
This Slice Safety Cutter is a convient tool to keep on hand!this ceramic tool is little but mighty and works great to cut my coupons quick and precise! The product itself is finger friendly and protects the user from accidental cuts when touching the ceramic blade. The built in magnet to keep on fridge along with a lanyard hole to keep from losing due to its lightweight and slim design.
Works wonders
I am so happy to have the Slice Safety Cutter. I use it every day for mail and packages, it’s so safe and doesn’t ruin anything. The material feels great and it doesn’t slip from my hands. It’s been as sharp as the first day. I like it a lot.
Run & Buy!
The Slice Safety Cutter is a phenomenal little lightweight tool! It easily opens blister packaging, plastic, cardboard boxes, or any tape that is holding boxes together. You cannot cut your finger on the ceramic blade & if you get a lot of packages in the mail like I do, this tool will be your new best friend! Run and buy, you will love this!
Great product!
Overall this is a great little gadget. It slices through just about anything but my fingers. I love the magnet so I can just pop it on the fridge and have easy access to it at all times. I would totally recommend to friends and family.
The Clamshell opener go-to!
Oh my goodness, this is by far the best contraption for easily and neatly opening up clamshell packaging! Effortless and painless!
Safety Cutter
Safety Cutter very good for home or work has an exclusive mouse shape that helps cut difficult openings with the micro ceramic blade, it is very good to avoid cuts on the fingers, the size is easy to grip.
Lightweight Simple Cutter
This is a safe cutting tool that is a great alternative for using a knife. Only thing I don't like is tat the micorceramic blade is constantly sticking out and does not revert back in even when you're not using the tool.
Mighty Gadget
This tiny item is outstanding at its job. It effortlessly glides over any adhesive or tape to open envelopes, plastic packages or cardboard boxes. The risk of injury is diminished when using the product as the blade is not easily accessible. There is a tiny hole in which I will add a key ring with a coil wrist band to store this wonderful gem on a hook. The small size is a gift and a curse.
Good little cutting tool
I was shocked at how small this little slice cutting tool is. It works great and it’s safer than metal blades! I cut cardboard and plastic packaging with no problems. It’s definitely a great little tool to have on hand
Nice and compact
Very easy to use to cut packages open instead of having to struggle with opening by hand or taking time to find where I last placed my scissors. Finger friendly as well.
Precise cutting
I was pleasantly surprised by this . I love how small it is and yet it cuts great. It good for arts and crafts opening letters it replaces a scissor for paper. I really like this
Easy Safe Opener
So easy to use the slice cutter. Finally feel safe using a cutter that works to open packages and cuts smoothly. The best part is I do not have to worry about accidentally cutting my fingers while using. My new go to for cutting almost anything.
Love this cutter!
As someone who frequently uses a straight edged cutter, this is a DREAM replacement! It works better than most regular straight edge cutters and is safe to skin. I'm thrilled!
This works perfect for a small projects Or to open up envelopes
Helpful & useful!
The Slice Safety Cutter is so useful! I've used mine for several different tasks around the house, and it works great every time! This product is high quality and a great value! Also worth noting, a portion of every purchase goes to Autism research! This product is very helpful, and I definitely recommend!

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