4,6 5 0 466 466 <b>Doom Dual Action Fogger</b> is the brand’s infestation solution. This product kills both flying and crawling insects on contact and keeps them out for up to 4 weeks. Doom Fogger’s water based formula penetrates cracks and crevices where the pests may be hiding or laying their eggs ensuring that the infestation is dealt with. This product is most suitable for use indoors and is available in a 350ml variant.</p> <b>Directions for use: </b> <ul> <li>Use only as directed <li>Place DOOM Fogger in an open area leading into the room (passage) and keep all doors open <li>Select a time when your home may be left isolated for up to three hours or more <li>Close all windows and doors, and open cupboards and cabinets to allow full penetration <li>Use paper to cover asphalt tile, wooden floors, and furniture
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doom fogger
Very good product works very well also easy to use . it get rid of the of the problem u have. The product is helpful to your problem with bugs . I would recommend it people as its spot on.
Pretty simple
Very simple to use and seemed effective on household bugs, haven't had a bad infestation since
Doom fogger
We've only used this product once and have been very happy with the results. You just need to make sure you leave the house when you use it, and when you do 90% of what was bugging you will be dead or gone. The other 10% can be managed with normal doom or a shoe and your home free.
I used to have a big issue with jumping spiders. Now I don't see any in my home after using that fogger... I just opened it in the middle of the house and went out for the day
You will not be dissapointed
I loved it. I tried many products but since using the Fogger I had no more problem with cockroaches
This is the best it kills immediately you don't have to spray much as a result it last longer .
Works great
Recently had a roach problem in my kitchen, bought a few to fog the house, works very well killed all the roaches and didnt have an issue again
Remember to do work and home
I use Doom Fogger regularly at home. A few years ago I worked at a company which had a problem with some creepy crawlies in the roof - and we were on the top floor. I made sure my staff and I did not only do a regular Doom Fogger in our offices, but on the same day we each did some 'fogging' at our houses to make sure we don't walk any creapies home...it worked well.
Dead in their track
Great product still trusting it after all the years to make sure I get to choose who stays in my house
Not the same
I have been using the fogger in my home for years now but of late the strength of it hasn't been as strong as it used to be. I would put them out close up and come home to little creatures dead all over the home. Now there are like 1 or two and then there are still things running around afterwards. I have used it as directed and closed the house up for the day and not just the recommended 3 hours. I depended on the Foggers because pest controllers are so expensive. But now I have to cough up the R600 + to have a professional come in.
Worked to some extent
Used the fogger but it only managed to get rid of some roaches. But it’s definitely better than the other original doom sprays
Doom is the best
Doom really is the only brand that works fast and effective, every time!
the best
I moved and saw some crawlers, I bought this product an bam, gone, all gone, this product is excellent. I'll recommend it to everyone
Even worked at the office
Very useful and effective. Even used it at the office and very happy with the results.
Killed some dead not all!!
This is a good domestic product but unfortunately it depends.. what radious it covers to know how many foggers one would require based on the pest need !

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