4,7 5 0 4375 4375 <b>Doom Super</b> is a Multi Insect killer, killing both flying and crawling insects with its instant killing action. This product is effective indoors and outdoors and is available in both 180ml and 300ml variants</p>
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This works!
We spotted some big cockroaches in our apartment. We immediately sprayed doom in the cupboard they were coming from. We only find bodies on the floor now. No more cockroach!
the bomb
this works well and kills the insects quickly because we use it a lot when going to camp and travel, to better improve the product is to have a better smell, but product work instantly
monster killer
absolutely love doom products. kill all insects fast. I need to go get more though. mine is all done.
simply lovely
it has always worked perfectly for me, on any kind of insects i have to say.
Works okay could be better but still found i had to use alot almost whole can to be effective
Expected More...
My son is extremely allergic to Mosquito bites and we opted to go for a cheaper version other than the plug in wall version but it does not keep them out throughout the night. Works quick but doesn't last ling
Tried and tested over many years . Regardless of what insect I used it on it always did it's job . However the smell is rather unpleasant
Works everytime
The best way to use this product is when u spray no one should be inside the house, make sure it's the odourless spray to avoid having any bad ordour after using, spray all the room making sure windows are close leave the house for a few hours and you'll see the magic with it ... It does work wonderfully
Best Pest Product
Fast, effective and smell isnt too strong like other brands
I received this product and how amazing was it?! I have not seen a cockroach in weeks, it literally made them disappear. Love the Doom!!!
Must have during Durban Summer
Doom is very effective. It's gives you peace of mind during the day to attack flies and mosquitoes at night. The smell needs a bit of improvement
Summer essential
Tried it out and it worked out great. My only issue is the smell of the product, horrible. It's part always part of shopping list during the hot summer days. I sleep peacefully without worrying about mosquitoes.
my wife leaves the door open everyday and i sit with a can of doom and spray them as i watch tv.finish a can a week
Doom super
Just think it works like a charm and smells great. once you have sprayed Doom super, insects remain away for a long time. it really works well.
Best improved product
I like the new smell. You can actually breathe now when using it. Good product

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