4,8 5 0 130 130 Sunlight Extra Nature Dishwashing liquid, Inspired by Nature with real lemon juice, mineral salt, Aloe Vera and the degreasing power of Sunlight. The fast degreasing formulation cuts through grease making dish washing fast and easy, leaving your dishes shining bright and residue free. Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid is great in removing grease from your crockery, utensils, stainless-steel items and even plastic. It makes dishwashing fast and easy, it shines and leaves no residue and has a fresh fragrance. <p><p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/sunlight-extra-nature.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
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Gentle on hands, tough on grease
Finally a detergent product that is gentle on my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and using any detergents, only leaves me with dry, chapped and sometimes painful hands. Thanks to Sunlight Extra, it is gentle on my skin but with the same strength to cut through the grease of my dirty dishes. It leaves my dishes sparkly, clean and with no residue. The sweet Aloe fragrance of this dishwashing liquid is a bonus.
Such a great step forward in dish washing liquid :)
Sunlight extra
Wow, must say sunlight has bring out a product that is so good. Smell, touche no dryness on my hands after using it.
No more burn
My husband suffer with eczema and I have sensitive skin, so washing up was always a pain literally, and those gloves are so terrible to work with, but this new sunlight doesn't burn his hands and it's a pleasure to wash up again.
More foam
Comparing with the normal sunlight dish was washing liquid, it has less foam - it doesnt give the same effect such that you will want to add more..it finishes very quickly
Sunlight Extra Sensitive
My dad bought it product when he saw it in the shops. I use to do the dishes using gloves but after using this product gloves are no longer needed. Thank you Sunlight for this product. I LOVE IT and cant live without it.
Sunlight Extra
The best buy far, smells amazing, easy on my hands, does not leave it dry or wrinkly. Would recommend this to anyone
My Favourite
I have found my favourite, this Sunlight has this amazing fresh clean scent that lingers, and little goes a long way, will be buying this for now cause am still in love.
Cleans nicely and is very gentle on skin. Also has a lovely scent
Great product
I loved it, smells very nice and it's gentle on the skin
New favorite
Definitely found a new favorite, bought both new sunlight recently and this product stands out. Love the smell with the same amount of foam and doesn't leave the water milky
Sunlight gentleness
Very gentle on the hands..cleans well and has a lovely fresh scent. Would definitely recommend it and be buying it again.
It is very gentle on hands. No need to worry about my hands after washing the dishes. It works so fast, it quickly removes grease from my dishes.
Lovely dish washing liquid
This is the best product very gentle on the hands I have swaped from original to this one.
This is an excellent product. Smells fresh and citrusy. Very gentle on hands. I'd continue using it.

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