3.6 5 0 44 44 Cheetos Popcorn, bringing the delicious taste of Cheetos to a classic snacking favourite - popcorn! Cheetos Popcorn delivers all of the rich, smooth, cheesy flavour you know and love from classic Cheetos.
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn
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Wasn’t a fan
As soon as I opened the bag the smell was disgusting. I tried one and instantly didn’t like it I through the whole packet in the bin. Wouldn’t recommend these and defiantly wouldn’t buy them again
Ring sting
I love spicy anything but these are next level. They are not enjoyable this hot. If it was toned down slightly with a more tomato/cheesy flavour it may work better. I do love the idea of flavoured popcorn just not when it blows your mind eating it. (The spice hit my throat so much it made me cough) 🤣
Prefer the original more
I normally love the flaming hot Cheetos but the flaming hot popcorn wasn't as satisfying at the original. The texture was ok and this was very hot as the name suggests but it's not as crispy and crunchy as the regular Cheetos are.
Would not recommend
The taste was very fake, the popcorn was soft and the aftertaste was foul. The price is low but would not recommend at all.
Spicy popcorn
I like hot and spicy and I like popcorn but they did not go too well together. The heat was fine but the taste was not quite right and the texture of the popcorn was softer than usual popcorn.
Good but only spicy food lovers
Its good tasting but only for spicy food lovers. Too hot. Tasted Fresh but kids wouldn't wanna touch
Sangat enak
Ini enak baget, pedasnya kerasa. Saya kalau buat Corndog di luarnya saya lapisi dengan makanan ini yg sudah saya hancurkan. Dan rasanya bener" The best. Cobain aja
Ini cemilan enak banged pedesnya wow nampoll. Cocok buat cemilan disaat musim hujan gini, harga juga terjangkau.
Flamin' too hot
I like spicy food, but I also like to taste my food so for me this was a fail. I like the cheetos flavour on chips and was hoping this would be similar, but it isn't - well, I couldn't taste it past the chilli heat. They also look a little pinky / red as apposed to the cheetos orange colouring I'm used to seeing. They were however fresh in the pack.
As they say, they're flamin hot!!
I love a hot curry and chilli on everything. So on an AFL party night, I grabbed a bag of these....and they are as described - flamin hot.....not to begin with, but the heat builds. You want to stop, but you can't. These are tops....and too hot for the kids to eat!
Pain plus!!
These were way too hot for my sensitive mouth. Couldn’t taste properly for days after eating these! I sure envy those who can tolerate them.
Too spicy!
Way too hot for me, I could not taste anything and I am in love with spicy food. The whole pack went straight into the bin....
A Different Take
I do like Cheetos and I do like spice so I gave these a go. Now I wouldn’t say these are super spicy, in fact I wouldn’t say these are even that spicy at all, but I still enjoyed them, just don’t expect anything crazy if you get them.
I have tried it and i really like it considering i do like spicy stuff it was delicious would totally recommend this.
Nice little kick
I enjoyed a packed with my partner it deffinetly has good flavor. We also tried it with caramel sauce which went really well together.

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