4.9 5 0 83 83 Mersey Valley Original Vintage: Distinctive sharp bite of vintage cheddar, with a crumbly texture.
Mersey Valley Extra Tasty Cheese
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I love the sharpness of this brand, definitely a favourite now.
Cheese Lovers Delight!
Absolutely love this product!!! My go to whenever we go to a BBQ I take this with me. Tasty and smooth, certainly a hit!
Sharp and Creamy
This cheese is my go to for an afternoon snack or when I have guests. It is always a crowd favourite! High quality, consistent product that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.
Consistently Excellent
This cheese is beautiful in consistency and flavour
Full flavor
Loved this chesse full of flavour very sharp but slightly creamy.
mersey valley cheese
creamy cheese that everyone seems to love. nothing left on plate when served. downside it goes very soft in very warm weather.
I love the grainy and rich flavour of the cheese. Would definitely buy more of it.
Oh my goodness!!
Mersey Valley has seriously the best supermarket quality cheeses. Sharp and a bit bitey. Let's be honest, it never quite makes it to the platters in this house. Straight from the pack to the mouth over here!!!
Give me more
The best. Can’t go wrong with some Mersey on your platter! You and your guests will be surely pleased. There will certainly not be any left at the end of your dinner party! Tasty, crumbly, oh so good.
I love this cheese, it's very sharp and tasty. Perfect to eat with crackers or even on a toastie it's amazing (doesn't melt too well). It's crumbly and packed full of flavour.
More cheese please
This is a great tasting cheese. Sharp but not too sharp and crumbly. Perfect on crackers, along side antipasto or on its own. Really nice flavour which leaves you wanting more.
This cheese is a crowd pleaser from a quiet night at home on crackers to standing out on a cheese board. It is smooth and creamy but it does crumble everywhere.
Favourite Cheese
This is one of my favorite cheeses on the market and is a must on any cheese platter as it is quite a crowd pleaser. It is great as is or added to salads. I would recommend this cheese.
Delicious Matured Cheese
This is my favourite matured cheddar cheese on the market. Delicious flavour and moist. It’s not dry like some of the other brands of mature cheddar cheese and it’s quality is undeniable! Smooth with a lovely bite and perfect on water cracker. This is one of two of their mature cheddar cheese products that I purchase and love it!
Tasty addition to our cheese platter
This cheese is one of our favourites along with other Jersey valley products,great addition to cheese /grazing platters

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