Cornetto Love Rose

4.6 5 0 58 58 Rasailah letusan pelbagai perisa enak dengan kenikmatan aiskrim pic berkrim yang menyegarkan. Kelazatannya dimantapkan lagi dengan teras sos coklat dan kon waffle yang rangup.
Cornetto Love Rose


Love this!
Unbelievably it tasted good on my tongue. Never realised I love the peach flavour before try this out. Cute rose shapes too!
love, rosie
I like the taste, not too sweet. the rose smell is my favourite and off course 10 for how its look
Beautiful rose shape
The taste just so so. And the rose flower shape easily melting and when you open the wrapper after buying, the flower shape already melted. The only thing is that I love the strawberry flavor in the ice cream. It gives a nice touch of flavor.
My favorite, no substitute. and it's very fresh to drink.
excellent taste, especially the peach flavour rose
Delicious yummy
Peach flavour sedap manis, memang akan beli lagi.
Cool sweet treat
Such a cute rose shaped ice cream! Loved the peach flavour, reminds me of peach tea. Would love it better if the peach flavour part is more.
Rose peach cornetto
Super duper yummy, with a little bit tanginess of peach, not too sweet, great with combination of chocolate sauce drizzle
New favorite
Peach flavored ice cream. Sweet savoury taste. Perfection
Okay if you like peach flavor
Overall the ice cream is not too sweet and has peach flavour and scent.
Cornetto rose
I dah try this cornetto rose. Sedap. Memang macam girly girly punye things la sebab rose. Just nice rasa die. Oklah.
Love this taste so much!!
Tasty ice-cream with beautiful rose shape appearance, so lovely! Will buy this ice-cream to share with my friend and family. Not too sweet, just nice.
Taste good!
It's not too sweet, the taste is ok. Tried it once, and it taste ok. Love the flower pattern, it's cute. I don't think I will buy the second time, because chocolate still my favourite.
I received it as a surprise consolation gift from my husband.. what could i say more it simmer down my anger towards it
Fun and yummy afternoon snack
Love the 2 different flavours - Rose & Peach in one dessert. Sweetness was just nice. Actual product is very similar to picture as the rose shape is still in-tact.

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