Magnum Cookies & Cream

4.8 5 0 25 25 Inilah aiskrim yang lembut berkrim dengan biskut perisa coklat yang dihiasi krim putar, dicelup bersama cebisan biskut dan coklat putih Magnum yang rangup.
Magnum Cookies & Cream


Taste sweet. Nice. Me and my family like it
Icey cookies.
I can say it's a very popular flavour that even some adults also favour it over classic or almond flavour. The taste was perfect and the outer coating blends well with the ice cream. Perfect for a tasty treat reward after a very busy day.
My Kids Favourite!
My daughter really loves this one. the cookies, chocolate, and ice cream, great combination. It really tastes good, magnum always the best when it comes to ice cream, premium ingrediant. Ice cream lovers should try this.
Great flavour! Outer coating is very rich and nice. Cookies were also fresh and crunchy, flavourful at the same time. Cookies can also be added into the ice cream for more cookies overall!
Love it
I like all type of Magnum ice cream, because it made of premium ingredient , the quality is high and luxury, the taste is super rich and tasty, the price is definitely worth for it.
Magnum cookies n cream
I bought a box of this and can't even have a chance to try a bite. It was finished by my two boys in 3 days. So, I assume its very yummy. Try to buy another box but was sold out
I like Cookies and cream flavor, no matter is cake, cheesecake, ice cream or any other dessert, thus , I like this Magnum Ice cream, it is not too sweet and the taste is rich and obvious.
sangat sedap dan manis.. saya suka manis . sangat creamy
Creamy and yummy
I just love the creamy and crunchy taste . It is really amazing and nice. Defenately will buy again in the future. I recommend this ice cream to those who love eating vanila flavour with creamy and crunchy taste.
Rasa dia sedap gila crunchy, terasa biskut biskut yg ada dalam aiskrim tu sumpah sedap.
Love it
I like Magnum ice cream as the taste and the size is just nice for me, this cookies and cream flavour is suit me as it has cookies and ice cream, it is more tasty than other plain ice cream.
Magnum cookies & cream is love
As an ice cream lover, I enjoy eating this so much. The sweetness of the ice cream are not too much for me to handle. The flavor of the cookies and cream are just right. It hit just enough. I love it.
Compare to other series of Magnum's ice cream, this Cookies & cream ice cream is so so, the chocolate taste is not thick and the cookies texture is not enough crunchy.
rare tast!
if ure a cookie lover,u should try this!! the choc tastes the same n the classic taste still remains. 10/10!!
I've always try every single new flavors from Magnum, and this one is so good and creamy. Go grab one!

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