Kit Kat Gold Ice Cream

4.4 5 0 92 92 Jom bersantai di rumah dengan kelazatan baharu dari Kit Kat! Kini dengan wafer lazat berperisa aiskrim yang disaluti coklat putih, ditabur dengan kepingan karamel dan biskut wafer rangup yang pasti membuatkan anda nak lagi!
Kit Kat Gold Ice Cream


A familiar taste
This ice cream taste like your warm childhood nestum that your mum made in the middle of rainy night. The familiar feeling as your taste buds try to discover the ice cream will take you back to the past. Texture is really creamy & worth every penny!
it's rich with milk
for me, i'm not a big fan of rich and milky flavors, so it was quite milky and muak but if you love white chocolate, you'll love it.
Kit Kat gold ice-cream
It's so gooddd!! Manis sikit but sedappp so recommended to buy!
Rasa aiskrim itu sedap. I think it’s a little too sweet for me. Overall it’s good but just little sweet. Maybe bagi rasa sweet but not too sweet. I would literally recommend it to my family and friends.
so good
i think this is my current fav ice cream cuz it is literally really good! the texture also crunch as it is a kitkat ice cream.. love it so muchh
Yummy ice cream
Love it so much. The taste is great. Even my kids love it. They always ask me to buy for them when i go for shopping
Rich and smooth texture
I like Kit Kat's snacks especially their wafer chocolate, they have variety of flavor which attracted me so much. this white chocolate ice cream make my day joyful and fix my craving.
kitkat gold
i liked it, but i liked the chocolate flavor more. those who want mild flavors must try it.
Just nice
I like all kit kat products, i love this too but not my favorite, it is just nice
Ice cream lover
I like Kit Kat products,I have tried this new product from Kit Kat, I prefer the Chocolate flavor as the taste is more rich and thick, this Gold Kit Kat ice cream is a bit mild.
Less sweet
I like this ice cream. Less sweet covered with white cocolate and crunchy caramel add texture. The ice cream inside very creamy
I like Kit Kat
I like Kit Kat chocolate, I am Kit Kat fans. I like this Kit Kat GOld white chocolate ice cream, it is coated with white chocolate and some crispy stuff, the sweetness is just nice.
good snack
the texture is smooth, white chocolate part is very crunchy. but it is a bit too sweet for me.. just nice for sweet tooth craving once a while.
Litkat gold superb
Its good icecream but dont eat ot always because its quite sweet .i love the crubchinest of the outside coated layer it was the bomb
Nice Snack
New, products, first time try. Nice flavour and luv it..

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