Biore Charcoal Pore Cleanser

4.1 5 0 242 242 Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser draws out and traps 2x more dirt & impurities than a basic cleanser, purifying pores to leave your face deeply cleaned and your skin tingly-smooth. Pores are twice as clean after just one use. With natural charcoal, free your pores!, Skin purifying technology / oil-free, great for oily skin.
Biore Charcoal Pore Cleanser


used religiously as a kid
This was my holy grail when I was younger but I realised it was very harsh for my face and definitely something you shouldn't use daily. Good for deep cleaning your face but please be careful!
Good face wash
If you love charcoal this is the face wash for you! Cleanses really well and leaves my skin nice and soft afterwards!
Great pump action
I use this cleanser in the shower as the pump action bottle makes it easier to use. Although it is a deep cleanser and does clean my face, to get into the pores and feel really clean and fresh I would prefer it to be more granular. It gives a nice clean but I wouldn’t say a good scrub or buff.
Bye bye blackheads
Excellent value for money - the only thing is it dries your face out when used often so maybe not the best idea to use on a daily basis and make sure to moisturise after use.
Fresh face
This is a good affordable product for everyday use. Whether is actually deep cleans your pores in another argument. Although, it does work well as a daily cleanser. I personally didnt notice any real change in my skin, with my spots and black heads.
Helps black heads
I found this helped remove some of my bad pores/black heads, just put it on your face and let it dry and then peel off, my face felt clear and soft but it’s a little messy so I put 4stars
Definitely cleans your pores. I have sensitive skin and this works great although it does have a bit of a tingle sometimes i think it's tightening the skin that's why. but doesn’t hurt at all and does its job Well. My face feels so clean and smooth after I use it. Repurchased it already.
Excellent for pores
I really enjoyed using this product, my pores were visibly reduced after just a few uses. I did have to make sure I moisturised after use as my cheeks got a little dryer than usual but it was definitely worth it for the results of the product.
Amazing Product
This product got my skin looking and feeling FLAWLESS (in Beyonce's Voice), I felt like one had anything on me and my face LOOOOL. A good deep cleansing product will defo buy again, but isn't for all face types
I felt this was super chemical based and was really harsh on the skin I eventually did feel like it cleared my skin but in a harsh way as I had to deeply moisturise a lot
Loved this
Loved this product, very clean and refreshing, used other products in this brand and this is my favorite. Would definitely Reccomemd and use again. Have recommended to my family and friends. It's a thumbs up from me. It can leave some sensitivity on the skin
Love it
I bought it on the recommendation of a friend and I can honestly say that the product works after about two weeks of use (I only used it once a day), pores become smaller and your skin looks healthier and more beautiful. It is also very good value for money.
Great for blackheads
I founnd this cleanser really effective for clearing blackheads. It is a deep cleaning product and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and tingly clean and so smooth. I did however find it dried out my skin so not one that I can use too regularly.
Great product. Highly recommended to my friends and family and definitely will buy it again. Great surprise
Biore charcoal
Very good to improving skin tone and removes any dirt off skin without causing any damage to the skin! I love this and buy whenever I’m low on the product

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