Biore Charcoal Pore Cleanser

4.1 5 0 182 182 Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser draws out and traps 2x more dirt & impurities than a basic cleanser, purifying pores to leave your face deeply cleaned and your skin tingly-smooth. Pores are twice as clean after just one use. With natural charcoal, free your pores!, Skin purifying technology / oil-free, great for oily skin.
Biore Charcoal Pore Cleanser


really draws impurities our of your pores
been using this for a while now, and im not sure whether it works due to the charcoal but its like a magnet that sticks to dirt and dead skin and wash these away!
Excellent Product
I use this everyday and it has improved my skin dramatically! You can really feel it working when used in the shower and the nozzle is really easy to use as well. Great Product!
Absolutely love this tonic cleanser. Cleans my skin making it looking fresh and glowing. Product smells good to. Only need a bit on a cotton pad would buy again and recommend to ladies
Very cleansing buy dry
This is a great product for the price. It left my skin feeling very cleansed but it did leave my skin feeling dry and after a while a little flaky. If someone is on a budget this would be the best product for them.
Not working
Waste of money really. Didn't see any difference after use. Skin wasn't cleansed and was left dry. On top of all it made me break out. Can't even suggest improvement since everything was wrong about it... Not recommended
Nice but leaves skin dry
I liked the feel of this cleanser, my skin feels clean after using it. But it also leaves my skin feeling dry.
Not very good!
I found this face wash quite harsh on my skin, it’s affordable, I wouldn’t purchase it again, I think it’s full with chemicals. If you are on a budget maybe you might wanna try it out.
OK but very drying
I used this product and it does leave your skin feeling very clean, but also very dry. I feel some added moisturising properties would benefit it.
Great for skin
As stated above this is great for the skin especially if its oily which can keep your face feeling as fresh as a daisy, great buy for those with oily skin.
Nice face wash
I have oily skin and this made my face feel nice and fresh, if you have dry or sensitive skin it may be a bit harsh.
Makes my skin squeaky clean
I love how clean makes my skin. There is a slight tingle when you first use it but after a while it will go away. I never had any issues with redness or face becoming sensitive after used
My skin is very pore so this product help me whit them. I like how easy is to use. My skin after use is nice and smooth.
Good item
I recommend it, it cleanses perfectly, leaves the skin smooth and fresh
Great zing on the skin!
I purchased this product when it was on offer in my local supermarket. It was worth the price I paid. My skin feels very refreshed after use and I have noticed some improvements in the condition of my skin. I wouldn’t necessarily say the ‘charcoal’ effect is significant. It has a really fresh smell and leaves the skin feeling soft. I would recommend for general use but not if you have particularly ‘spot-prone’ skin.
Great but too harsh for sensitive skin
I love this product to help with oiliness but as someone with eczema it was too harsh for frequent use. Okay as a once/twice weekly wash though! Smells lovely too, I’d recommend this

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