4.5 5 0 120 120 - New Sunbites Veggie Harvest, the great tasting veggie and multigrain snack made with peas - Seasoned with extraordinarily tasty flavour of Caramalised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar - Veggie Harvest are perfect to enjoy during the day or to complement your lunch - Suitable for vegetarians - High in fibre 3 wholegrains, High in fibre, No MSG, No artificial; colours, preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians
SunBites Balsamic Vinegar & Caramelised Onion Snacks
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Absolutely love these Who wouldnt if you love Balsamic Vinegar & Caramelised Onion these are a must. Sunbites are healthier option to crisps so another win win.
Love them! All my family is addicted to them,my son has one bag at school every day.we love the taste
Love love love
Perfect little snack that hits the spot. Lovely flavour and a fantastic crunch. My only issue is I could eat all 6 bags they are soooo scrummy
Lovely and crunchy, Great hit of flavour, Make a great change to the regular potato crisp and a much healthier option, My kids also love them and are great for packed lunch, Would definitely buy again and different flavours.
Love them!
Love these - probably our favourite flavour at the minute! Only wish there were more in the packet!
Guilt free snacking
This is my go to brand when I am feeling virtuous but still need to snack. The flavour is very good combined with a perfect crunch makes these ideal. Lower calories and wholegrain, what more could you ask for? The whole range is amazing.
Not bad
I like them but I find them a little weak on flavour compared to the chilli flavour sun bites.
Full of flavor just like the other flavors, Sunbites are the way forward for crisp lovers :).
Lovely flavour
nice tangy to them, love the crunch glad there adding more flavours
Wholesome snack
I purchased these as part of our 'big shop' knowing my two young sons will be snacking all day long during half term and I wanted a healthier version of crisps. They went down well with the whole family and tasted just like bottled balsamic. These crisps will be permenantly on our shopping list in future.
I've loved SunBites for a long time now. Since I discovered them, they are my first choice of crisps. So crunchy, and very tasty , can't stop eating them.
Dust anyone?
Not appetising at all, like eating cardboard. I'm always on the lookout for healthy alternatives which taste nice.. these certainly don't.
Soooooo good
These are so delicious, my favourite flavour out of this range. The only down fall is my lack of control of have 3 packs at a time.
Soooo tasty!!
Found a new favourite with these!! Sooo yummy and the best thing is they are while grain too so better for you! Definitely recommend these to anyone who love the salt and vinegar kick but for less calories:)
Really nice
Lovely tasty healthier snack. Bags of flavour which I love. Just enough portion size. Perfect to carry in bag or pocket for a snack.

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