Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex

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Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex


Smoking Caldera
I feel this is wonderful ...Its filled with action ...sound lights Smoke movements !! Wow Its very affordable! Provides Hrs of entertainment !!
Amazing t- rex
Me and my son just ador and admire this adventure force caidera radio controlled fiery t- rex because that it is so much fun and enjoyment. And that my don friend love it to so he is asking for hos parents to buy him one.
Great product! Definitely worth it
Very well made. Durable and fun! Entertainment for sure. I will definitely be purchasing for nephews
Remote control dinosaur
We love dinosaurs. One of the best parts is that it also has a remote control. It’s great that it has a preview button and shows what batteries that you need for it to work. This was great for a seven year old boy.
Highly recommend!
The Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex is an excellent toy. All 3 of my children enjoy playing with it, especially my 9 year old dinosaur enthusiast son. They especially enjoyed the "smoke-breathing"feature. I'd recommend this to any child that likes dinosaurs.
Fun toy
Both my son (12) and daughter (7) enjoyed this toy very much. They loved controlling it and using the little tank to put water in the top of the head so the "smoke" would come out.
Heavy Duty Fiery T-Rex (10-10)
All of my kids have been enjoying the Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex they are obsessed with it. Even me and my friends have enjoyed playing with it while the kids are gone. LOL Everything from the remote control to make it walk, makes roaring sounds, lights up, breathes smoke. The T-Rex is also capable of being used simultaneously for multiple users and can be used up to approximately 49 feet. Its easy to use and for the smoke to come out of the T-Rex just add water. Let me add they box came with a little water canister spout. Its not cheaply made either or my kids would have already broken it. I have to give the Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T- Rex a 10 out of 10 hands down. I only have one con, you better have a lot of batteries for back up. You'll need them. LOL
Trex attacks
Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex was a lot of fun! My kids cannot stop playing it. It lights up, makes a roaring sound, moves with its legs, and even breathes smoke! The remote control is easy to operate with only 2 buttons. 1 to move and the other 1 for the mouth action - light, sound, and smoke. It includes a little gas can like water container to put water on top of Trex's head. This is used to create the smoke effect that comes from its mouth. Buy this for your kids even if they don't like dinosaurs.
Love it
This is the coolest toy. It’s really easy to put the water in it so it smokes. My son thinks it’s the best toy! Very easy to work the remote.
What a fun toy!!!
The remote controlled T-Rex was a super fun toy for my six year old to enjoy as she really likes dinosaurs. The T-Rex is able to walk, roar, release steam, and light up red inside his mouth with the push of a button. This was a very interactive toy and a must for kids who are into dinosaurs!!!
great remote controlled dinosaur
We really fell in love with the remote control T-rex - I have to say the best part of it was that it "fire-breathing" All you have to do is add water to get the effect. Really fun toy - kids love dinosaurs so the fire breathing really amped it up. Its well made and a great toy. Makes noises, walks and breathes fire - lots and lots of fun!!
Pretty neat toy
My kids got a real kick out of the Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex. They loved the "fire breathing" feature. I thought the toy was neat. If the toy could go backwards or turn it would be awesome. I did notice if the toy got turned sideways or fell over it did leak a little bit. I was pleasantly surprised how long the "fire breathing" feature lasted, and it didn't take much water at all.
My Son’s New Favorite!!!
I got this Adventure Force Caldera Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex just in time from my 6 year olds birthday and I must say it was a hit!! He pushed all of the other gifts away and this T-Rex became attached at his hip for the rest of the day. He wouldn’t let anyone touch it or get close. He plays with it every day and night, he loves everything about it, from smoke coming out the mouth and fire breathing action that comes from the T-Rex!! Moms like me love these type of interaction toys where it gives the kids hours of imaginative play time and gives the parents some time as well. I highly recommend this product and brand!!! Love it!!!
Dino power
My son loved this item it was one of his favorites. Easy to control. Lasted for quite a long time on battery life. He needed very little supervision and thats a plus. Thanks for allowing us to test this item My friends inquired about purchasing for their kids
Birthday gift
The Fiery T-Rex was fun for about 10 to 20 minutes before my kid got bored. I think that 10 to 20 minutes would go a lot longer if it did a little more. Maybe being able to actually have it go in more than one direction. Have the arms and maybe the tail move using the remote would be great. I so have to say We did really enjoy watching the smoke come from it’s mouth. All in all this would be a really great birthday gift for anyone who likes dinosaurs.

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