FOUND FIRMING Blackberry Face Mask

4.7 5 0 40 40 FOUND FIRMING Blackberry Face Mask is 98% Natural* (*Based on concentration of naturally sourced and derived ingredients (including water).) A hydrating face mask that helps promote more youthful looking skin.
FOUND FIRMING Blackberry Face Mask


Amazing product
I love this mask, I have very sensitive skin as well and I didn't get any breakouts from it, it smells amazing and leaves my skin soft and feeling fresh! I love using it before I go to bed at night
Best kept secret!
I can't get enough of the smell of this! It forms and livens my face immediately after use. This is my Best kept secret and I tell all my friends about it.
Smells Delicious!
I was pretty impressed with the Found Firming Blackberry Face. Mask. I was drawn to this mask because of the 98% natural ingredients it's made from. What's not in your face mask is just as important as what's in it. The first thing I noticed was the scent. It smells amazing. It's also extremely easy to apply and remove, leaving zero residue left behind on my skin. What it does leave behind is very soft, moisturized skin that looks and feels nourished and healthier! After a few uses, your skin will be glowing. . . Mine was!
Found Blackberry face mask
If you want a youthful and fresh look then this is the mask for you it is easy to apply plus 98 percent all natural as one of the ingredient is blackberry leaf extract and applies easily
Works great
I love the smell I also love the feel and it works great . I will be waiting to try new things . I'm very excited because everything so far I have loved . This is worth the buy
Good product
This product was easy to apply and it washes my face very well. My face feels soft when i try this product.
The black mask
This is a really great facial cleansing powder the black mask 🤩 Clear complexion Feel happy to try this product Price reduction suits everyone Yes, I personally recommend it, especially women. Your face is the secret of your happiness, Misty
With 98% natural ingredients this product is an excellent choice. I like that is easy to apply and makes my skin glows. I would recommend to everyone who wants a quality product.
Feel of heaven,
This is a great all natural product, it left my face figorating, and my face felt deep cleaned and fresh faced
Indeed, Yes and Yes!!
Have you at any point needed to know what it resembled for Church Norris to clean your face? All things considered, this is the item for you. I couldn't request any better upgrades. It's true, an incredible Face Mask. 98% regular and has Vitamin E, which is extraordinary for mending any facial scars. more
My overall opinion of this product was great it when I’m nice and smooth did not irritate my skin it will definitely be something that I use in my routine
Amazing product!
I like this face mask because it is natural product and has vitamin E .After using it ,It leaves skin so soft. Seriously a great face mask.What it does leave behind is very soft, moisturized skin that looks and feels nourished and healthier!
Yes, Yes and Yes!!
Have you ever wanted to know what it was like for Churck Norris to clean your face? Well this is the product for you. Could not ask for any better improvements. It’s seriously, a great Face Mask. 98% natural and has Vitamin E, which is great for healing any face scars.
Great product
I like it because feels it natural product. I wish it’s more soft.
I absolutely love the fact that this product is 98% natural and naturally sourced. Its wonderful knowing what we're putting on or into our bodies and this is the one thing you'll never have to worry about! Amazing stuff!

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