Friends the One with the Ball Game

4.1 5 0 25 25 How long can you last without dropping the ball? Inspired by the Friends episode, "The One with the Ball," players compete against friends and family to see how long they can last through five ball-tossing, ball-balancing, ball-challenging rounds! With 50 challenges - and the ball! - the game builds momentum until you're incorporating multiple challenges into your throws like, "Occupation? Dinosaur," "You Ate My Sandwich," and "Monica, Monica, Have a Happy Hanukkah." Get ready to catch the fun with this hilarious game featuring challenges from the classic TV show Friends.
Friends the One with the Ball Game


So much fun!
If you’re a “Friends” fan then this is the game for you! It’s a great gift idea, too! You’ll have tons of fun and laugh the entire game!
Fun time
its lots of fun to use this and love it to use.
Great game and so much fun
I gifted this to my best friend who is the biggest fan of the friends show. This is a great game and we had so much fun playing it and trying to keep the ball up. It is a super fun party game and kids enjoyed it as much as adults did. Definitely recommend for all and especially for fans of the show.
The one where they through the ball
This was a present for my aunt. She adores the friends. It was with the wheels of mayhem that I purchased it. She had a lot of fun with both of them. She is a true friend's admirer. I wish I had bought it sooner so she could have brought it to the Friends exhibition in New York with her when she traveled.
honestly becarful
the reason why I say be carful is because if your playing this game with people who have never seen or never heard of friends it will be really awkward to play . This game should only be played with people who know friends the show
Ball game
I actually never heard of this product before until when I bought it. Although I was a bit iffy with the price, I still bought it to have a test. I let my five-year old son tried it and he thought it was ok. Ball game
Very fun!
My sister had always loved watching the reruns, even after watching it through so many times before. I can't disagree, I always love the Friend's episodes as well, especially with Ross. Joey and him, always makes it so commical. So that is why I wanted to buy this game and put the mind the the test. I figure my family would have so much fun, especially my sister and I. Great way to challenge our knowledge and remember those funny moments on the show. Very nice game, easy to setup and enjoyable with family and friends.
A lot of fun !! It brings back great memories of he TV show Friends.
The one with the ball game episode was so funny and the game is so much fun
Must REALLY love friends
This game wasn’t anything crazy good, but if you really LOVE friends that will make up for the quality of the game’s mechanics. It’s simple and silly, but your guest you play with should also be lovers of the show to enjoy this game.
Review on hame
My family and friends love this game I play the game at a BBQ
Really fun
For all my Friends lovers out there, this is great! It’s silly but is really great to laugh with your friends. It’s great for parties!
Fun and laughs!
I bought this with my 14 years old daughter that has watched all the seasons over and over again until they took it off Netflix. This was a fun and active game that her friends and I enjoyed a lot. We laughed and had the best time being silly. Definitely recommend it!
Total crap
It was a waste of time and money. Crap crap crap crap. It was so boring and lacked any intelligence. I liked most about this product was throwing it away. I would never recommend this to anyone.
I LOVED this show so i purchased this game to play with my FRIENDS who also loved FRIENDS and we had so much fun!! There is a 9/10 chance you will love this game too! So worth the buy!

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